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New milling machine question #1

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  • New milling machine question #1

    Okay---first question (there may be a lot of these). In the attached picture, you can see that the top of the spindle, (and consequently access to the drawbar) has the round black plastic cover on it. Following all the instructions, I went to put in a collet with a 3/8" cutter. But wait!!! The damn black round plastic cover doesn't want to come off!! I don't want to break something on my brand new mill, so I undo the 4 screws that hold the yellow cover (which the round black cover is mounted to) and remove the entire yellow cover. What do I see on the inside??? Well, I see the drive motor and the top of the spindle alright, but that black plastic cover is held in place with about a dozen plastic barbs which are molded into it.---Surely the evil mind that came up with this doesn't intend me to undo 4 socket head screws and remove that entire yellow cover every time I want to change a cutter??? Advise please---
    Brian Rupnow

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    The one that comes immediately to mind Brian is to leave it off, as it serves no real purpose other than to keep the liability lawyers happy in case you get you necktie caught in it.

    It is definitely a PIA every time you want to change end mills or collets.
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      All three of my mills - a "3-in-1", a HF-45 vertical column mill, and my new (still in its grease-preservative coating) "Seig" X3 all have a similar arrangement. It is just a plastic cover that is a "good push fit" (as you've discovered) plastic cap that is there to protect the user from the spindle (with an external spline) and the hexagonal nut on the top of the draw-bar (for stuff in the spindle needing to be held into the spindle (nose-end) taper).

      If you just "wring/wobble and turn/pull" it, it will come off.

      Check the "drawing/parts-diagram" that came with the "Instructions/user-manual" (probably "Chinglish").

      I am more interested in the draw-bar and the spindle bore - 2MT as I recall - to see if those MT collets fit it - or not, or whether a collet adaptor is required.


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        What Willy said...but if you really want it..stick it in the lathe and machine off the barbs. Mine is just a slip fit with no barbs
        Ernie (VE7ERN)

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          And don't worry, you (or someone) can still sue them and win even if you swallow the cut end of the cord and plug it in.

          They didn't tell you not to do that.................. I'm very sure of that!

          Other crazy thins optional, but probably still their fault
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            Okay--problem solved. I called the folks at Busy Bee and they said I wasn't bashing it hard enough.---So---I bashed it a good one and it popped off the way I thought it should!!! It had been installed before the yellow paint was fully dried and the paint was holding it on.---May all my problems be this easily solved.
            Brian Rupnow


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              Well done

              You did very well Brian.

              It is much better to be over-cautious than over-zealous in these things.


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                Oldtiffie---During my miss-spent youth, (which seemed to last for a long time), I managed to break various and sundry things by "forcing them" without really knowing whether they could be forced. With age comes wisdom---Now I ask first!!!
                Brian Rupnow