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Cleaning/restoring a chuck

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  • Cleaning/restoring a chuck

    I recently picked up a six-jaw bezel chuck for a watchmakers lathe. It has some surface corrosion/discoloration. I am going to clean it up and lubricate it, and was thinking of polishing off some of this discoloration. I haven't checked the runout yet, and I don't want to make it any worse than it is, of course.

    Obviously I will need to use something mild as to not affect it dimensionally. I use a product called Simichrome by Happich for general polishing around the workshop, I am thinking it is mild enough to polish without damage.
    I read through another thread on this forum about polishing machines, a product called Knorrostol was mentioned, I imagine it is quite similar to Simichrome. There was also mention of a hydrochloric acid wash and polish, and recommendations to leave it alone since it doesn't help and could possibly hurt.
    Any other thoughts, or does the same apply to this chuck?


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    I would.........
    try pickling it in a vinegar and water solution over night and then use a buffing wheel with jewelers rouge...........
    But that's just me.

    mileage may very
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      I think I would resist the urge to make it shiny. Just clean and lube, and let it go at that.
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