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  • hydraulic jacks

    Hi all: Jacks are easy to fix right? Well, I've got about a half dozen that work but weep at the plunger when I leave them sit for awhile. Any of you know of a book or ??? that could be used as a general guide to replacing check valves or O rings. At least that's what I'm guessing needs help. Thanks in advance for any/all info. Wayne.

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    you should be able to pop them open and replace all the plastic and rubber parts, get parts at most any industrial/farm type parts store.

    they are nothing but a hydraulic volume cylinder with a pump as complicated as a grease gun.

    It might cost $2-$3 to fix each one.

    by the way welcome Wayne.


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      Speaking of Jacks I picked up a forklift jack at a g-sale, simular to this one.

      20 bucks.


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        They loose oil from the breather ...and it runs down onto the front where the ram comes out

        and gives you the impression that the seals gone

        They loose oil naturally through this rubber bung breather.especially when let down quickly..
        Then one day you say lets top it up ...because the jack does not travel through the whole range.

        You don't know that the rubber bung half way up the ram is the filler ...
        You undo the bleed screw instead .,..and you end up in more trouble it's impossible to fill through the air bleed ...but the air bleed does look like a filler ...
        and probably thousands or tens of thousands of people have chucked jacks away ...because the could not figure out how to fill them.

        so look for rubber bung or filler half way up ram ...

        fill it up ...and enjoy many more years of trouble free jacking

        all the best.markj


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          hydraulic jacks

          Thanks all for the info. Thanks Tatoo for the welcome. I've been around, mainly lurking. The main trouble with the forum is that I spend TOO MUCH time sitting here and not enough time getting dirty!! Wayne.