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got my new mill and more

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  • got my new mill and more

    well busy bee made over 1700 out of me yesterday but i came home with the ct129 mill and many extras to name a few the original milling attachemt for my lathe as well as a cool vice clampling kit, mesureing kit for my wifes wood lathe as well as a few other goodes not seen are a 1/2 dove tail cutter and t slot cleaners ,, i also got the follower rest for my lahte as well etc..its 3 am and we just finsihed making the new bench for the mill and setting some stuff up a bit..

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    Nice, if you are like me, it will take 5 years to finish setting it up! What are you planning on making with it?



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      Nice mill

      Nice mill airsmith282.

      I checked as it looked familiar.

      Brian Rupnow bought that model at BusyBee recently.

      That milling accessry table for that very useful lathe (I have the same model) will come in very handy as well.

      Having both options is even better.

      Happy machining.


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        ill be makiung my airgun parts as always just more of them now il be able to make an entire gun if i wanted to,., then next whiile ill be concentratig my time on radio controlled car parts for stuff like HPI axis losi and so on .. ill also be doing anything else i can ...

        the milling table atachemt for my lathe i got will make milling on the lathe more usufull for sure i have been using a home built milling attachment but its no where near as riged as this proper thing will be... i was lcuky to get the attachment as they are aparently hard to come but but for the price i could not pass it up...

        i cant waite to fire up the mill and start having fun but thats still some time away, i have ot get a pan of some sort under it and bolt it down i also want to get the shop cleaned up after i get my shelfs built into the bench that i need for storage etc ....

        i gota say busybee tools is one of my favotiet places to shop ..