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Tuckahoe Steam & Gas Assoc. Machine Tool Museum

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  • Tuckahoe Steam & Gas Assoc. Machine Tool Museum

    Tuckahoe Steam & Gas Association (Easton MD) will be opening our 4000 sq. ft. lineshaft powered machine tool museum for the first time at the annual show July 10-13. Pictures of the construction at We currently have about 20 machines on display ranging in age from about 1890 to around 1920. Several will be under power.

    The show also includes exhibits of gas and steam engines, farm equipment, antique tractors, horse and tractor pulls, blacksmths, music, flea market, auction, 3 operating sawmills, crafts and food. Admission is $6.

    The museum is a work-in-progress; we'll be adding machines and exhibits for several years to come. If anyone has ideas for informational displays or exhibits that you would find particularly interesting, feel free to contact me.


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    I looked at the show schedule but it's not that clear what's happening when.
    Can you just go on a Saturday and see some demonstrations and do some
    flea market shopping? Or is flea market only on the opening day?



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      Flea Markets


      Flea market is open every day but most vendors will pack up sometime Sunday.


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        coming up this weekend... looking forward to it!!!!!!


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          I went last year to a machinist tool event. Fantastic!!! 70 acres of Great stuff. The people were more than gracious and welcoming. Leaving tomorrow for the big show. Should be good. Nice layout and alot of room. Great stuff to see.


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            Fantastic Show!! Thrash machines, gas engines, tractors beyond count, Great day!! I drug three people with me, not gear heads. They loved it! Can't wait for the next event! Great facility. Fred