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"FACTORY" on Spike TV

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  • "FACTORY" on Spike TV

    There's a new comedy airing on Spike TV, set in a Machne Shop, called "Factory".
    It's debut was Sunday (June 29th).
    Did any of you guys catch it?
    I did, but it was kinda disapointing.
    The humor was lame, (Except for the opening segment when the boss got his necktie caught in a Mazak Quickturn lathe.. hahaha)

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    i saw the last half of it this afternoon. it's surprising to see that they're filming it in what appears to be an actual machine shop.

    as for the humor, it was seriously lacking. hopefully they'll get something going before the show gets the axe. this is spike's first original series, so i bet they're going to at least try to put some effort into it. it seems that all of the big networks have a completely new roster of shows every time i see one of their commercials. stuff's so bad that it seems like it all gets cancelled prior to the pilot episode even airing.


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      What time/days is it on? I might be persuaded to actually watch that show. I've been so busy I don't think I've sat down and watched TV for three years now!


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        I set my DVR to record it. its on Thursday @11:00 PM PST.


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          it turns out that the show is actually all improv. hopefully they'll get a feel for their characters and increase the comedy...


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            i see some ones shared it on the torrents ..

            all the best.markj


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              I thought it was odd that they called the lathe a "pneumatic bander", but I sense that Mazak would have sued their ass for suggesting the lathe was dangerous. Not a lot of real machine shop content, and the show is crass, but did have some funny moments. Very unsafe use of the long reach airgun...
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                Re: Factory

                The thing that bothered me is that most of their attempt at humor was what we were always cautioned against, horseplay. Most of the little gags that they play on each other are childish and dangerous. The places I worked would fire your butt on the spot if they caught you pulling something like that. The one where the guy sticks the blow off nozzle down the pants of his buddy stuck in my mind because one guy at our shop did that and ruptured the other guys intestines. It kind of gave me the willies. A lot of the youngsters that frequent that channel will think that stuff is cool and someone else will get injured or killed.
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                  Looks like you can watch it here if you like.


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