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Coolant "squirt" bottles - Anyone need some?

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  • Coolant "squirt" bottles - Anyone need some?

    Thats right folks, for the low low price of only 19.95 plus S&H you can have your very own coolant squirt bottle, complete with collectable John Deere stamp emblazened on the bottle.

    Seriously, I've seen some threads here in the past about people looking for a bottle to squirt coolant during drilling operations or what-have-you and thought if anyone is still in need maybe I can give a little something back.

    For the last few weeks I've been working 12-16 hour days (unofficially, obviously) planting. During that time we went through many bottles of John Deere powdered graphite, which is dumped into the seed bin to lubricate the seeds as they are planted.

    I saved 4-5 of them and I made sure to swap out the tops with the new ones so these tops have no holes in them. That means you can poke whatever size hole is appropriate. For water based coolant, I'd use a very small hole while a heavy oil could be larger. The holes that we were cutting in them to dump powder were 1/4"+ so that could be kind of tough to use.

    Anyway, I'll try to snap some pictures so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about here. They have a little spout on them like a caulk gun would and you would ordinarily cut the top off, but I think for coolant you'd be better off just poking a small hole in it. You still have to turn the bottle upside down, so its not a perfect solution, but it does seem to be chemical resistant. I've got a bottle full of Mobilmet Omega.

    If anyone wants 1 or 2 pm me with your address. I'll be happy to pay the shipping.

    oh and don't worry, they're not 19.95, they're free!

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    I use mustard squeeze bottles. I get about 1 per month at my current hotdog consumption rate. They have a quick snap cap and are easy to find because of the bright yellow! Keeps them out of the land fills, too.

    Recycling is a good thing.


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      I buy 2oz needle tipped plastic bottles at the art supply store. Even full they're light enough to dangle near the tool by a piece of coiled telephone handset wire. I was damned tired of always searching for the lube bottle, and finding it under my foot squirting all over the floor!
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        Thats a good idea gellfex!

        There is one bottle left if anyone needs it.


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          squirt bottles

          I taught in a vocational school with a beauty culture department and I used to go and get their hair colour (that's limey spelling) bottles for coolant. thousands available, one for cutting oil and one for soluble oil and water on each lathe. If the wife used hair colour you have a ready supply. Peter
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            squirt bottles & more

            Here in the little city of Brantford Ont there is a dollar store that I visit that has a good selection of squirt bottles, some with the pumps or just the squeeze type. A lot of them are clear too so you can see how much coolant you have left.
            At the same store is where I buy the batteries for my digital calipers, you get 5 batteries for $1.00. They also stock the peel and stick labels that i use on my hardware bins, I think there are 40 labels in a package for $1.00.


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              RE: Coolant bottles

              Guys...Isn't that what dish washing liquid bottles are for??? We used them for soluble oil and water at the drill presses and lathes all the time.

              PS: I really like the mustard bottle idea. I consume quite a bit of that myself and have a ready supply at hand
              Jim (KB4IVH)

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                My wife and I both wear contacts. As such we have a lot of the empty saline solution and disinfection solution bottles. They are about ideal since they are inherently designed to just drip if turned upside down or to squirt a very fine stream if squeezed. Some solvents leave the snap on top fit weak after a very long time, but they can then be pitched and start over. I keep kerosene and alcohol in these with no problems. You just pull hard on the snap on cap to remove it.

                If you like, you can go to the hardware and buy very fine brass tubing and bend a gentle 90 in a piece. Leave it long so it runs clear to the bottom of the bottle and enlarge the hole in the plastic bottle top to accomodate the tubing with a press fit. For just a few cents, you have a brass spout "wash bottle" that you can use for gently dispensing just about anything without turning the bottle upside down. In changing temperatures these can perk out solvents when you don't want them to due to changing internal vapor pressure. I take a thumb tack and poke a tiny breather hole in the lid to prevent this. When you squeeze, some air will leak out this hole, but it doesn't hurt anything. If you don't want the air leakage, just reach up with the index finger tip and cover the tiny hole when you squeeze. I have some commercial wash bottles and had to do this with them too to keep them from sitting in a puddle of alcohol.

                I'm not saying the other bottles don't work, but stuff like soap bottles seem to really dump out more than you might want and being able to deliver just a tiny squirt or a few drops is really handy.

                Paul Carpenter
                Mapleton, IL


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                  Here is a handy little tip to save cutting oil. I use a naloge (sp?) bottle like the kind that football players use to squirt through their face mask. The tip has to have a very small hole and it can double as a dispenser and vacuum. Just squeeze the air out of the bottle create a air pocket in the tube, and gently suck up the oil or just squeeze out oil on the cut.

                  Works great and really reduces oil usage.


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                    Yep! I do that all the time Shank. You get more tramp oil sucked up that way, but it doesn't bother anything in a little hand-held dispenser.

                    Dish-soap bottles and contact lens bottles are a good idea. I'll have to remember to save those.


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                      Does that free bottle come with a free pacemaker?
                      If not, I will decline your offer.
                      Steve .


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                        LOL - nope, I couldn't afford the postage for that.

                        There is only one bottle left and it has a large hole in the spout. I will dump it in the recycling here in a few days.


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                          Originally posted by dp
                          I get about 1 per month at my current hotdog consumption rate.
                          DP, you're eating too much processed meats.
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                            Well, between trying to quick finish up some parts for my brother-in-law and my Pacemaker before heading back and then several appointments and then a change of plans, I haven't gotten the coolant bottles shipped.

                            I'm really sorry guys. I have the bottles in boxes and addressed but I haven't taken the boxes to the post office yet. I'll send them as soon as I get back. Should be monday or tuesday at the latest.

                            Again, I'm sorry I didn't get them out sooner. I didn't have as much time as I thought I had.


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                              If you saw our corn field you'd feel proud of yourself for using all that graphite. My neighbor, farmer obviously didn't. But with the price of corn and he did hit more than he missed and it didn't flood so we're happy.