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  • Galvanizing??

    Im building a Steel Pipe Fence 10 feet tall with a Galvanized finish. NOW should i buy galvanized material? or just reg steel ,wash degrease then brush it with galvanized paint coating? What would be cheaper safer ? Thanx Guys.

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    I don't know about cheaper or safer, but I think to buy galvanized stock would be easier and the result would be more durable.
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      I used galv. posts for my fence and I found that I could buy sch40 galv pipe in 20' lengths cheaper and with a better galv job than any other product, emt,posts ,tubes,etc. I drove all My posts right into the native soil about 3' deep with a hyd breaker mounted on (my then company issue ) backhoe , 40 posts. It took longer to load and unload the hoe than it took to drive the posts. That was 5 or 6 years ago , just as sturdy as the day I drove them.