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15" Turnmaster Lathe

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  • 15" Turnmaster Lathe

    Does anybody have a 15" Turnmaster lathe I can get some info on? The lathe is simular to a square headstock Clausing Cholchester. Thanks - Blake

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    They are very good lathes. Here is a link,
    Mark Hockett


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      I have a 13" Turnmaster, like you say similar if not a clone of the Colchester. Like Mark said, a high quality machine.

      I stepped up from a Atlas 12 x 36. Like the difference between a '40 Ford and a Maserati. Both classics, but different classes of machinery.

      My Turnmaster was brought back from freight damage. I got a parts and service manual from Lagun. Parts are spendy, but you can make some of what you need. I was fortunate to have the help of a friend who knew all about the type.

      I'd really like to have a 15 x 60 or so. However, I don't have the space. I'd really love the 2 speed 7.5 hp motor, and the clutch.

      My buddy, the Turk,whowas instrumental to my aquiring the lathe, and did the lion's share of the work bringing it back, named it the Turdsmasher. The name stuck, but the thing will move alot of metal, and fast. I love it.

      It would seem that the Republic/ Lagun/Turnmaster/American Machine Tool and whatever companies ripped off only the best designs, and did a decent job of the copies.

      Regards, TC
      I cut it off twice; it's still too short
      Oregon, USA