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My new(old) JET 9x20 is running

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  • My new(old) JET 9x20 is running

    About a month ago I purchased a used JET 9x20 lathe. It was in real good condition, with a few minor exceptions. Using the 9x20 Rebuild Manual as a guide, I cleaned and aligned everything,except the spindle and bearings.

    I had to order new belts and two gears. A QCTP came with the lathe but had never been installed. The standard tool post on the compound slide was replaced with a 14MM post that came with the QCTP, and I milled the top of the cross slide to have a little more height adjustment.

    The stand that came with the lathe was way too short for my old back and eyes. I built a base with casters that raised the stand to a height more comfortable for me and allows the lathe to be moved aside when not in use.
    (small shop)

    This afternoon I did my first turning, just playing and getting used to the lathe. The lathe runs very smooth and quiet. The only noise is the motor.

    At this point my total outlay is less than $500. I still have to order a drill chuck for the tail stock, some HSS tool blanks and some better wheels for my bench grinder. I am one happy newbie!

    Mike Broach

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    that one nice shop you got there nc cooter keep a going


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      Nice Lathe

      nc cooter: Thanks for pics. The lathe looks grear. You will enjoy using it. Notice the fine looking tool boxes to the right of the lathe. Called on a shop that used old dressers for tool storage. Great customer, but he never purchased a metal tool chest. Plan to be in your area this fall. Shelby Ham Fest Jim


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        Hope you don't make a habit of leaving the leadscrew engaged?
        Just got my head together
        now my body's falling apart


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          the Ham Fest is no longer held in Shelby. The new location is in Dallas, NC.
          The fair grounds raised the charges so high, the radio club had to find
          another location.

          Swarf, oops, newbie error. I'll do better.
          Mike Broach