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Can crushing: images and animation

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  • Can crushing: images and animation

    I drink a lot. These days nothing harder than Coca Cola but that is my beverage of choice. It's coffee with a lot of sugar basically. The empties are beginning to intrude on my storage space in one of the sheds so it was time to do something. I determined that the local recycle depot will take them crushed so that was all I needed.

    I considered several alternatives. My favorite was to drop a large weight from a great height thereby crushing an entire flat in one go. This presented some problems, not the least of which was controlling the dropped weight so that it only crushed the cans. Cycle time was problematic too.

    So, plan B. I built a platen for my log splitter a few years back so that it could be used as a horizontal press. With the addition of a simple compartment made from heavy gauge steel plate it now will hold 10 cans neatly which greatly simplifies counting and effectively boosts cycle time to excellent levels.

    The splitter is powered by a rather anemic 4.5 hp Briggs but it works well because I added a large flywheel to the vertical shaft engine.

    The setup:

    The results: Note the impressive compression ratio, about 12 to 1. If I crush them one at a time it's more like 20 to 1 but that takes too long. I can do about 2 cycles per minute for a throughput of about 1000 cans per hour.

    The animation: Actual cycle time for the crusher is only a few seconds. Loading and unloading takes most of the time.

    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here

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    I'm going to rig a similar feature to my Whipp shaper. I figure 60 cans/minute easy should be possible. Not sure where I'm going to find that many cans, but what the heck.

    There's a future power hacksaw in the works with the shaper, too.


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      You could try one of these:
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        Originally posted by Peter.
        You could try one of these:
        good GOD ! ! !


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          Evan, you should look at making a chip compactor attachment too. Nice to make the hockey pucks that you can store in a lot less space than loose swarf. I'd imagine they're handy if you get ready to do some casting.



          Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free:


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            Originally posted by Peter.
            You could try one of these:

            there was a lady a few years (okay, a decade or more) who used to run topless onto baseball fields during games. she was also well-endowed. well a friend and i used to visit some local "adult" establishments, and one time this lady was there. she crushed a bunch of beer cans on my friend's knee, just like the lady in the youtube video. my friend said it hurt his knee, so i guess all the silicone padding prevented the lady from feeling anything.

            andy b.
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