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  • Grizzly Lathe Steady Rest

    Although the casting for the steady rest on my 4003 looks quite large the fingers don't retract very far and the max od of work is about 1 7/8". I remember somebody on this board modifying his and I was ready to this afternoon. A first I thought shorter fingers but then it looked like new adjusting screws and on and on. However when I was working on it I noticed a much simpler solution. Under the adjusting screw heads are 3mm head set screws that hold the bearing and the whole adjuster -finger assembly in the housing. Loosen it and the whole cartridge pulls out. But, with the setscrew loose you can just pull the assembly back as far as you need and lock with the lower setscrew in the keyway. You loose the function of the screw adjustment but get about 2" more diameter. Worked for me.