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    I was out in the shop working on another project and found myself in the same spot I was in many times before. It seems that every time that I need to make a cut with my Jet cutoff saw setup in vertical mode, I end up with a sore a$$.

    Please pardon the mess.

    Click for larger photo.

    After about 15 min of bending over to work at the little table which gets attached to the saw I get an aching back and end up sitting across the vice. Straddling the thing similar to a jig saw with a seat.

    Well, that got old quick. After I finished what I was working on, I looked over and saw a chunk of 15 layer plywood. It looked as if it was calling out to be used.

    So... Here is what was hiding in it.

    And after about 30 min of goofing around in the shop I ended up with something that wouldn't chap my a$$.

    When the cold weather gets here I'll head down to the thrift store and find an old beat up leather coat and cover the seat with it. I find those things for $15 bucks now and then. I bolted up a 2x4 where the vise can grab it. This way the seat is clamped down and wont move aroung on me.

    For now, it will get a coat of urethane to keep the splinters down.
    Keep track of the blade. The guards on here don't protect you well in this setup. The top guard is lacking in material in this direction. It should be "U" shaped to cover the blade. Also, leaning toward the blade far enough, that is... past the wheels on the floor, puts the saw in a top heavy situation. While this is nearly impossible without hurting yourself badly (i.e. removing a limb) in the running blade, it is possible if you try hard enough.

    Ok, now for the standard disclaimer. YMMV, I dont sell or endorse these things, dont run with scissors, dont kiss your sister, liquor to beer in the clear - beer to liquor never sicker, there was a young cutie from Paris.....
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    Looks pretty good from here as long as you keep your butt planted on the new seat. sell the idea to JET. . . may be some royalitys here. .
    ya rite !


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      I use an old fashion steel tractor bolted to a picec of angle iron. Clamp the angle in the vice and I am good to go.


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        Might as well add a cupholder while you're at it


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          Just make sure you vacate that seat before lowering the saw into the horizontal position, or you might unexpectedly cut off a little "barstock"...

          All of the gear, no idea...


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            I put the vise all the way forward and use a bail of about 50 new shop rags all stacked up, very comfy.


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              I mounted 4 legs on mine and raised it about a foot.
              Made all the difference in the world on my back.
              Tom M.


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                So tell us more about Paris.................


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                  this is very dangerous don't practice this anyone.After all you could get used to workshop comfort then what would our spouses sayAlistair p.s looks luverly wouldn't do my big a$$ though maybe it would. Alistair
                  Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                    Originally posted by sidegrinder
                    Might as well add a cupholder while you're at it
                    Some people have vision

                    As for Paris, well, I'll recite the rest on my next project.

                    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.