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    One of my other hobbies (they all tie together around making, building or fixing things) is flying model airplanes. One type of model uses braided or steel lines (about .015 diameter) connected to handle which the flyer manipulates to control the plane (oftern refered to as control line flying).

    To connect your lines to the handle or the planes requires the use of simple clips. These can be bought and not very expensive (sort of like fishing swivels).

    However, there is often the need to make custom sizes to permit fine tuning the trim of your plane and you can use anything from round nose pliers and vice to accomplish this task but repeatability of length is governed by the calibration of the your fingers and pliers.

    I happened across an old thread on another forum where an individual has come up with a very unique solution that I thought other might like to see:

    cheers, Graham near Ottawa Canada

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    That is very nice,now I have to make 2 !