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  • more Audi S4 RC mods

    well i burnt out the tires on my first audi s4 and seeing as my acura was well in need of more majore part i took the rims and tires from it and i had to take the rear collars from my mazda rx 8 and modify them and do some hole drilling as wel any how as you can see as a sample of my other audi wiht its stock rims and now my first audi wiht the acura rims and tires ..and now a spoiler as well as i have the acura nsx-r suspension on it as well, and i modded the rear wheels wells to so make it look a bit better...

    my rear end is a bit lighter now as well as the acura rims and tires are also a bit bigger but all is well and it runs great now i can use many of the brand name rims and tires as well on the audi with the mods i have done so i guess ill order in some hpi drifter rims and tires and slap them on eventually.. i still have a power mod to do yet as well

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    Either you're a giant or those are toys.