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Diamond Plate - 316L x 1/2" thick

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  • Diamond Plate - 316L x 1/2" thick

    Since there are so many on this board who have experience locating unusual items....can anyone recommend a source for 1/2" thick 316L diamond/checker plate? Most suppliers stop at 3/8" thick - but the print calls for 1/2". Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    It aint gonna happen cheaply.

    In my book 3/8 is about $40 per sq. foot.


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      In the States?
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        Yes, in the states (metro NY area) - as for cost - it's a 'guvmint' job so that's already been factored in.



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          Most places just sell the stuff.
          But you might call Rigidized, in Buffalo- they only make it up to 1/8", but I know they actually make it, in house.

          Which means they know more about it than somebody who orders it out of a catalog, and there is a good chance if you call em, not email or browse their website, that a real person there can tell you who else actually manufactures stainless diamond plate that thick. If sales doesnt know, ask them who at their company would know, and ask to talk to them.

          Most likely its a big mill, that wont sell direct to you, so you would need to call them, and ask who you can buy from.

          I would also consider calling Allegheny Ludlum direct- most likely, they are who makes it.

          Again, I would call, not email, and be a complete bug on the phone, insisting to talk to somebody who DOES know.
          I find this often works way better than emailing.
          Somebody at Allegheny Ludlum knows exactly who every mill in the world is that makes stainless diamond plate- the trick, of course, is to keep bugging whoever answers the phone til they connect you with that person.


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            The Copper and Brass Sales outlet in Las Vegas, Nevada had some 1/2" stainless diamond plate in the scrap bin a couple of months ago, I bought a 6"x12" scrap to make a trailer hitch step for my H1 Hummer. They should have it, their web site would seem to indicate that they have it in thicknesses from 3/16 to 5 inches.

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