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    The loudest plane I have ever heard was the RAF Vulcan, also known as the Aluminum Overcast.

    It's amazingly maneuverable and can do a 360 within the confines of the airport.

    However, when it comes to the all time favorite there is no contest.

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      My favorite, mostly through guilt by association:

      But my relationship with the plane was more like this:

      The RA-5C was generally the last aircraft launched from a carrier during an operations cycle, since it was one of the fastest aircraft the Navy had. The Vigilante was heavier than the F-4 Phantom but used the same engines, so the RA-5C had a poorer thrust-to-weight ratio than the F-4, making it underpowered on paper. However, the Vigilante always flew "clean", unencumbered by external stores, which was never the case for a combat-configured F-4. The Navy assigned F-4s to protect the valuable RA-5Cs from North Vietnamese MiGs, as well as provide additional "eyes", since a Vigilante pilot's rear view was nonexistent. F-4 pilots often had to call to the Vigilante pilots to slow down so the fighter could keep up.
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        Originally posted by Evan
        However, for precision flying nobody can beat the RCAF Snowbirds. ...

        Red Arrows!
        they are touring the US for the first time in thier history at the moment, i personaly think that they are 'reasonably good' lol, but so are all the formation teams, lets face it they dont use the worst pilots do they.
        remember seeing them do a head on crash when i was a kid, thought it was part of the display!