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trailer for my 1/6 scale tundra is done

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  • trailer for my 1/6 scale tundra is done

    well i still have the drive up ramp to do but iam debating on that part still so now sure might just make a different gate the trialer is 10inch wide and 17 and 1/4 long it fits most of my 1/10 scale rc cars ,, the next trailer iam ging to make for this truck will be 20 inch wide by 30 inch lonng and well be able t haule even my coddington II hot rod thats 24 inch long and just over 10 inch wide ,, anyhow .. the back bumper is peice od cocobolo i had left and it also hold the trailers rear lights as well ...

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    Nice job, only probs is you will not be able bring home a large mill in that!!

    I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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      heeheh ya i a know but i gota mill so iam safe there i think lol for now..

      iam goingto build alot larger scale model trailer iam thinking 20x30 inch theni can haul my hummer and a few other of my bigger scale rc's

      the tundra has got alot of pulling power in it so iam going to see how much. eventually i might have to upgrade to different rx and tx set up and add in a better speed control as well as digitial steering as well ...

      the truck will be getting some ultra bright led driving lights under the bumper the lights on it now are ok but i want driving lights added in to for better night drving with it , rcs are a fun hobby, its taking over my house a bit, i cant waite to get into the HPI axle and losi cars and trucks ,,
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        It looks about the right size to carry off Lane's "Shreveport" Perfect!


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          I really do like RC models. Good job! It looks like fun just sitting there still.
          Hmmm.. one thing though, that Bar code sticker has to go.



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            Now you need a model Harley to put in the trailer. You know they are trailer Queens.People like to pull them around .
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