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just got a shaper

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  • just got a shaper

    i just got a smith &mills co shaper from a guy for free. i have never used one but the price is right. it says 12" crank on it. now if someone knows where i can get some infor on it,i tried looking it up but could not find the company. any info would be great

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    Try Tony Griffiths may be able to help you. Sounds like a great deal. Have fun and play safe!



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      Here's a group that may be able to help:

      [email protected]

      Good luck...



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        Price sure was right, I had to give 200 for my 24" Smith and Mills. Decent old machine, it's sitting in big part of shop, got displaced by a 12" Flather.

        I dug through my bookmarks, ran accross a Museum site in California which showed pictures of a Smith and Mills restoration project. About all I have seen. Never found link, I'll post it if I find it.

        As Thrud says, have fun and play safe, keep your nose out of the way. Feller I used to work with still has a piece of toolbit in his nose, he was cutting internal keys with a shaper and broke a tool.


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          Nice price but like everyone saye play safe use a full face shield if in front of tool.also be shure vice is tight and also tight to table. All kinds of bad things happen if work get pushed out of vice it can easy happen, too much cut or feed.