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Nardini 15 x 40 Carriage Info.

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  • Nardini 15 x 40 Carriage Info.

    My friend has a Nardini that he accidently let run into the rear chip guard while facing under power. The guard is solid to the wall, and the resultant forces went back into the carriage and jammed the power feed, so the whole carriage is locked solid.
    It seems that both cross and longtitudnal feeds are now engaged, even when the shift lever is mid range.
    The guy is handicapped and does not have money for a rebuilder
    I will help him take it apart to see what is happening ( NO Shear pin).
    anyone with similar situation or suggestions ?
    anyone have a drawing of the carrage assembly internally..must have broke something ?

    The back of the cross-slide had a 1 x 1 solid steelbar mounted that must have had a glass scale on it
    Green Bay, WI

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    Rich, I am not familiar with that machine,but have you tried reversing the machine either by hand or under power to get the bind out? It might ''relax'' enough so you can make a better assesment of the problem.


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      Yes Steve.
      I finally had a monent to spend, and there is some serious damage I am afraid
      The lathe has a single shift handle on the apron, like a stick shift car of years ago.
      Remember First ( up and towards you ) well that lateral motion for the carriage L & R.
      Second is for cross-slide motion,
      and third (down) is for treading.
      He was in cross slide when it jammed into the wall and before he could hit power off ( no shear pin !)
      the carriage jumped and slowed the 6 HP motor.

      What I found was that neither handwheel will move -locked tighter than a tax collector .
      The shifter was stuck in the middle and would not enter any location.
      I disengaged the headstock's power feed lever and still no move.
      I set the handles for the cross-slide to come out and engaged the headstock, then forced ( very hard ) the shift lever
      into the second under power. The carrage groaned and the
      crosslide moved towards me ( hooray...I thought)
      But at the same time the whole carriage moved towards the tailstock.
      When I released the shift lever, it returned to neutral , but the carriage and the cross-slide
      continue to move and you can't stop it.
      Turned all power off and turned power feed lever off, and I still cannot move either handwheel.
      The carriage is locked in position. I tried to engage half nut ( third) and no work !.

      So I guess we will have to remove the saddle and see what is inside.
      Probably way at the bottom. with my luck

      Green Bay, WI