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My shop buddy almost died..

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  • My shop buddy almost died..

    Here's my guy.. Scardie Boy... he is half wild.. about 22 pounds. Spent the first year of his life in the wild.. they never could catch him here. He's adopted me as "ok"... follows me around the yard pretending I can understand him.
    He got caught by a coyote again..

    Got it bad last year also.. was gone for two weeks. He drug himself for a long time...was wasted away to almost nothing.
    This time it was closer to home.
    He drug himself in about 1pm today.. what a mess.
    $300 later..

    He was covered with blood. Has some really deep puncture wounds and massive bruising.
    Musta been a sneaky coyote. This guy is one tough SOB.
    He's ripped the face off more than a few big "cat killin" dogs around here.
    I sure wouldn't want to ever put this crazy SOB in my mouth. Bet that yodel pup never wants to dine on cat again..
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    Better outcome than the neighbor's wiener dog.They let it out around 10:00 PM,but the dog didn't come back.Next morning they found a few pieces of him laying in the yard.Lots of coyotes in the woods here.I used to shoot them regular,but don't have the time now so I guess they are re-grouping.

    New .22 swift in my future me thinks.

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    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      I live at the base of a mountain.. I'm going to be lookin up the hill a little closer now. I've got a 243 varmint gun that's itchin to kill something. Give the nice puppy a Nosler for lunch...
      I have tools I don't even know I own...


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        I think cats are pretty tough for their size. They don't stand a chance against a bulldog or hunting dog thou.

        THEM feral cats, the claws are not normal kitty sized.. THE one living in my shop? I went inside, it was running across the rafters over my head, it's claws tearing splinters off the boards.. Geeze.. I'd not grab it with a bare hand for sure.

        My dog, he gets along with our cat pretty well. They still won't sleep together. The last two bulldogs have been a lot more tolerant than the previous 18 years worth.. they'd rip em up like a rotten rag, then they were done. Make a big soft hearted guys eyes get moist to see your loved pet be so heartless. I watched Lex rip a baby bird to shreds about two weeks back..

        Carrol came in Last Friday and there was a beautiful red fox laying dead in the driveway, I called everyone from animal control to the game wardens.. nobody answered any of them phones til Monday MOrning.. an believe me it was not a pretty smell then.. Years ago, I'd skinned it out and let it go.. I just ain't as full of energy like I used to be. I was concerned for rabies.. it is dog days ain't it?

        Rabies? watch the cat..
        Excuse me, I farted.


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          Originally posted by torker
          I live at the base of a mountain.. I'm going to be lookin up the hill a little closer now. I've got a 243 varmint gun that's itchin to kill something. Give the nice puppy a Nosler for lunch...
          Yup,got to look far for these too,closest I ever shot one was 75 yards.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            I had a slick 454 silverado truck... I had loaned my neighbor the 10/22 ruger with scope to shoot varmits.

            He rolled his wheelchair up next to the truck laid the rifle on the hood and shot a dog in the neighbors garbage cans.. Missed, shot again..

            I came in.. there in the ridge in the hood center was a bullet-dent.. next to it, another.. I went off thinking I had had a drive by here.. When I asked the neighbor who he saw shooting around my truck he looked funny.

            I had so much fun teasing him... he could too hit a barn door.. (if it was laying on him). THE scope was about a inch and half over the barrel center.. the scope was looking at the dog, the barrel was looking at the ridge..
            Excuse me, I farted.


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              Yup, that .243 will pluck them Wiley Coyotes off. I have a 22-250 set up in a bull barrel and dialed in to a point.. Easy pickins.. Oh, but Weird, them .220 swifts are a cooker!!! Those things have some muzzle velocity, bout 4000 fps... I also have a .300 Wheatherby thats also dialed in at 300 yards. Makes a puff of furr but not much more.

              That cat you have is a survivor, more of them around here are dog meat if they get caught. One of the reasons is the dogs (coyotes) travel in packs and its like the gauntlet, no way out. They just flip it from one to another till its plenty tenderized and ready to eat.. JR
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                David.. LOL! Funny story!
                My ol' hunting partner... he taught (sorta) his dumm blonde wife to shoot.
                Got her all the hunting licences etc.
                Mostly so he could kill more game himself.. she wanted to try it.
                We where driving down the road to our favourite elk hunting ground. Holy!!! There was a cow elk standing off the road... she had a cow tag.
                Blondie steps out of the truck...lays the 270 over the hood...makes a world record flinch and pulls the trigger.
                He's hollerin... "I think you got it"
                I says..."Umm..Stan... she got your truck"
                She hit both windshield wiper stems dead center and blew them both off the truck.. the bullet richocheted off the stems and went into the hood.
                Was funny... he went to work.. bitchin about some "town hunter" shooting his truck
                I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                  Russ,Clean out your mailbox.


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                    Keep him on the house from now on. He won't survive another attack.


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                      Torker you still using a polaroid and a scanner? WTF is stuffed into that cats bites some kinda drainage tubes?


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                        Originally posted by Chipslinger
                        Russ,Clean out your mailbox.
                        Rusty... ya, that's going to be tough. He was wild until last summer. He hates being cooped up in the house.
                        He's an amazing animal to watch... a ferocious killer who almost became a part of his own food chain.
                        Our place is like a big funnel. There's a nice little creek that surfaces on our place...all the critters come down the hill to water here.
                        He is the "Guardian of the Mountain". He kills everything that sets foot on the place...well...he hasn't got a mule deer yet but I'm waiting
                        You gotta see this guy to believe it... a big cat..he can run up a pine tree...jump over to several more and catch a squirrel...not always but he's got a few that way.
                        He's brought home a bunch of critters...great big gophers...packrats,a whole bunch of some kind of white rat lookin things, weasels, even a Muskrat out of the creek.
                        He's not like our other cats. he doesn't torture his victims. He kills with great efficiency then gobbles down his favourites. Some don't taste too good I guess....we get them as lawn orniments.
                        220 Swift!!! I love them things.
                        My favourite i ever owned...a 26" heavy barrel on a Ruger #1 with a 24power scope. Had two diameters of freebore and used to load it hot.
                        You ever hit a blackbear inbetween the eyes with one at 80 yards?
                        You've all seen the exploding watermelon?
                        I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                          Had a barn cat very similar in rural east texas ... yellow tiger and big. Very wild and he was King amongst the local tomcats. Coyotes got him pretty good, but he escaped and lived for about 5 years beyond with some wicked scarring. But eventually, a little too old, a little too slow ... coyotes got him. Still, a pretty long life as far as cats go, especially in the wild. Hope your shop buddy keeps on going and its tough to choose whether you cramp his freedom, or just let him live free and go out scrapping. Luck to you.


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                            Torker - glad to see your old shop buddy has survived the horrible mauling, cats are more tough than homo-sapiens! we could not survive in their world, He is almost the double of my poor departed shop pal "orange thing", About ten years ago he wandered into my back yard over here in Scotland, He was a most wild feral animal He would spit & hiss, with his ears back, my own cat Lachlan tolerated him, after about a year he would come close for food, Lachlan & him became buddies, eventually he would allow both myself & my daughter to clap him, after another year i could pick him up, but he would never come in the house (of which i am glad as one would be amazed how those claws could rip lumps of wood, Furniture no problem!)
                            When i had a spell of illness, he seemed to sense it and became protective of me, If i was talking to anyone, he would get between us, never taking his eyes of them, waiting for a wrong or quick move to take action,
                            I constructed a batchelor pad for him out in the yard, With the neighbours, (more sensible ones) he was a celebrity, and was want to amaze them going along the street, a little distance, a walk with me, it is a quiet side street, two years ago he fell victim to cancer, and the vetenarian could not help his condition, so she helped him on his way, I really miss him in the workshop, he was a really nice soul, Torker you look after Shop Buddy


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                              My big guy isn't doing too good. He's off to the vet again in the morning. Looks like lots of infection is setting in. I can just imagine how nasty a coyotes mouth is as far as bacteria goes. Then dig them fangs in that far...could be bad for Scardie Cat...
                              But...they are tough little buggers. He sure is likin being in front of the air conditioner.
                              I have tools I don't even know I own...