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  • Compooter Trouble

    Well i been messin with my compooter. I dont like it much. I been trying to reload norton anti virus and it just wont go in, Loads for s few hours never enters whatever, Just keeps on going. running, Now i dont want to reformat my computer all my stuff is in it theres tons of it, i just want to keep my norton ,pay for another renewal but it doesnt work. Any ideas computer pros? Thanx

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    I had Norton 360 on my computer. It slowed the computer down and cause nonthing but problems. I had to take it off my machine, would never go back to norton again.


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      Norton's is crap.. You can get free anti virus from many vendors. I use AVG free, good one, and free updates. Without updates its not protecting. JR
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        I am extremely dubious of these sweeping generalizations, "Norton is crap," etc. I used it for years and found it to be pretty good. BUT it's been growing, getting more complicated, and eventually I gave up on it. Symantec made the process too difficult and the program too complex for what I wanted.

        Like JRouche, I'd recommend AVG Free. Disable Norton first, or AVG won't work properly. For help in totally uninstalling Norton, see
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          lso used it for years and had problems with it like all software. The solution for me was to :

          1-uninstall it
          3-regedit and search for ALL instances of "norton" , "NAV' , and "symantic" and delete them all
          4-reinstall NAV

          That repaired it for a year or so. Then last year sometime It would not update. What happened was this: When you uninstall a program the uninstall program may find a .dll file that is used in several programs and ask you if you want to delete it. If you say yes and then the other programs need it your screwed. I searched and searched and finally found the missing .dll file. downloaded it from the internet and copied it to whatever directory it should be in and all was good ever since.. Unfortinuatly I dont remember the name........... FWIW


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            IMO Norton BITES +1

            It's like having a trash bag wrapped around your air filter on your car, chokes it to death.



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              I was a faithful Norton user for years until I tried something else. Norton is a hog and will slow my computers way down compared to almost anything else.
              I have settled on ZoneAlarm for my work and home machines mostly because I find it easy to use and I like the firewall.
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                Norton is a PIG of a program. It's probably because it is a US product and subject to US product liability law. It checks everything you do at all times, loading, saving, renaming, copying, even just looking at stuff. All an antivirus program needs to do is guard the gate properly. If it does that right then there is no need to constantly check inside the compound.

                Take Norton off and the machine could speed up as much as 30%.
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                  There's two things I've learned about anti-virus software.
                  1: Don't ever load one company's software on top of another, always purge first.

                  2: Norton is crap.

                  Symantec has been taken to court several times regarding Norton AV crashing systems.

                  Alot of internet providers provide free anti virus for their users. eg; Comcast gives McAfee for free.


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                    Norton is extreme bloatware that should be eradicated from the face of the planet.


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                      Originally posted by Evan

                      Take Norton off and the machine could speed up as much as 30%.
                      I have seen 5x increases in speed after removing Norton. 2x increases are common.


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                        While we are discussing crap software you should read this little essay about Microsoft.


                        In case you miss the link see this:

                        It's a comparison of the internal logic of two server programs.

                        This one is the open source server Apache. It runs a large percentage of the internet servers.

                        This is Microsoft's IIS. It also (tries) to run a large portion of the servers online. (NOT MINE!)
                        Talk about ghetto wiring. The relevance here is that programs with similar tasks can have very different internal construction and that has a big impact on operation.
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                          All 5 of my sites run a unix or linux, no way would I want to deal with windows servers.


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                            No one has mentioned that Norton is so poor that Norton themselved have to produce a removal tool to pick all the bits out of the corners of your OS, their software is incapable of cleanly uninstalling itself

                            AVG I like, if you choose the manual install option you can choose not to scan web links and not to run a full scan every day, the only two features I've heard anyone moan about


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                              Norton is definately crap.

                              The removal tool is a must, download and run it. Then install something sensible.

                              Norton comes pre-installed on all pc's over here (well most anyways) its the first thing i get rid of when setting up a new terminal at work.

                              Windows servers are ok, NT4 was great-probably the best.

                              We dont go any higher than XP on desktops or 2000 for servers. I would love to trash the lot and fit Apples.
                              If it does'nt fit, hit it.