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Installing a tapping head on a Rockwell drillpress

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  • Installing a tapping head on a Rockwell drillpress

    At a recent auction, I ended up with a Jarvis Torqmatic tapping head. I had thought of installing a tapping head on my drillpress, but since it is a bench model, I never have since they would take up too much room.

    The Jarvis is a direct mount, and happily, the mount fits my spindle, so I decided to see what was required to fit it up.

    Some Rockwell models have a removeable spindle to permit installation of accessories such as mortising attachments. If you look on the left side of the drill press, there is a hole in the casting;

    Lower the quill to about half mast and peek inside and you will see a collar on top of the quill. Turn the quill until a setscrew is visible and loosen it. The drive shaft with chuck attached will drop out.

    The drive shaft on this model is 5/8" diameter and has two involute looking grooves for driving by the pullley. A 12 pitch Number 8 gear cutter very closely matched the groove, so I cut two grooves into a piece of shafting. A little creative engineering resulted in a drive flange to mate up with the tapping head. This is a picture of the new drive shaft and the original shaft with drill chuck mounted.

    The only thing to be aware of is that there is are sleeves through the bearings, and the collar has tabs to drive the upper bearing. There is a cross pin on the drive shaft to drive the lower bearing.

    This is the tapping head installed, it should be a worthwhile accessory for my shop.

    Jim H.

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    Neat work Jim !

    Green Bay, WI