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  • Now I am braggin about new toys

    With all of the new toy threads I figured that I would throw my hat in the ring. I got rid of my Enco 9x42 a couple of months ago to try and make some more room in the shop and I really missed having a manual mill. Ran across a Lagun 10x44 this week - came from a production shop and they burned the motor up when they hooked it up to 440 instead of 220 when they moved it. It runs a little but smokes, so the motor is going into the rewinder to get fixed. The DRO and Servo powerfeeds all work, and the head was really quiet when I did a quick test run. BTY, the Lagun's are heavier enough to notice it compared to a Bridgeport. We loaded it with a 10K fork and when I unloaded it here with a rolling gantry it sucked to push around.

    The second item is a Taiwan 18" saw that Lazlo ran across when he was looking at a Bridgeport. He thought it was a little too much for him to be able to bring home, so I ended up with it. We had to roll it out through the front office of the company that we bought it from on a pallet jack. They had one of the electric forklifts that was not smooth enough to trust getting near their loading dock, so we used the gantry to load it onto the little trailer. The saw weighs almost 1000 pounds and is very top heavy, so moving it like that was a white knuckler, plus it was almost 100 degrees when we were getting it on the trailer.

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    Well worth bragging about. Nice Haul !!! May we ask, $$$$ ?? Looks like very limited overhead with the overhead door open.
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      The mill motor actually rubs the door when it is open. We are getting ready to build and move early next year and the new shop should have at ten foot ceiling with room to add on later. Actually got a really, really good deal on the mill. They had toasted the motor, and it had some annoying problems that took a couple of hours to fix and they really wanted it out of there. I do have to either get the motor rewound or find another one, so that will add a couple of hundred, but I will still be happy. I have been doing some prototype work that is a bit of a pain to do in the cnc, so I am looking forward to getting this going.


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        You should have been a politician talking all around what you paid for it, we want to know how much! in dollars

        BTW, nice stuff, almost missed the DRO on the mill, and the band saw would be a super nice addition to any shop. I bet there is more then one of us (me) that is still fighting one of those imported horizontal/vertical band saws that have been around the same price for 25 years. I will give it this, it's still working.



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          Vote for me for president of the world.

          I Promise -

          A Bridgeport and 10EE in every garage

          Free shipping on ALL Enco orders, including the truck freight ones

          Death to all Ebay scammers, especially the ones who think that even though it just fell down ONE flight of stairs it is still in "like new condition"

          All the brass you can turn for just ten cents a pound

          A pint of good whiskey in every Kennedy box, no more Old Crow

          No more wives nagging about chips being tracked onto the living room carpet, way oil wiped on her new guest bath towels, or not helping with the kids on Saturday afternoon because you are ALMOST finished with the latest project

          I will declare war on the makers of 3 in 1 machines, cheap mill drills, and Indian rotary tables that don't rotate

          No new taxes on machinery and materials

          I will declare that Craig Newmark's (Craigslist Craig) birthday a national holiday for cleaning out garages

          Vote for me...


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            Is this the lagun that was on craigslist in Austin this week? My son saw the ad, thought about giving a call on it but don't really have the room in my shop for it. Sounds like you might have got a good deal.



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              That is the one. I was on a boring conference call and spotted it early, so I got pretty lucky on it.

              BTY, there is a local metal working group that meets once a month for beer and barbecue at Rudy's. There is a mailing list at yahoo, , that is for meeting reminders, finding local supplies, the occasional call for help, that is worth joining. Everyone that I have met through the group has been very nice, plus it is a good excuse to get out and have a beer and eat greasy meat. Skill sets range from museum quality work to just starting out, with most somewhere in the middle.


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                Originally posted by MickeyD
                The second item is a Taiwan 18" saw that Lazlo ran across when he was looking at a Bridgeport.
                Yeah, I was going to buy that Bridgeport until Tiffie told me that's it just a Mill/Drill

                By the way, the Bridgeport in question is a real tragedy -- it's a late-model (57,xxx) serial number head -- pristine original Bridgeport paint, probably less than 5 years old. But the flaking is totally worn off the knee and the column ways. Oddly, both the X- and Y- leadscrews are disconnected, and the entire machine was covered in toner cartridge toner.

                The best we can figure, they jury-rigged some kind of power feed to the table, and ran the machine dry, because apparently way oil contaminates the toner
                "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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                  A pity about the BP

                  Originally posted by lazlo
                  Yeah, I was going to buy that Bridgeport until Tiffie told me that's it just a Mill/Drill
                  Yeah - but I wasn't so unkind as to suggest that it was a USA "knock-off" of ChiCom mill-drill though!!.

                  I do really like the principles of the BP which did set the standard for a new concept in milling machines. Sure, there have many that have been derived from it over time - some perhaps better, others not.

                  But seriously - that is really "bad news" as you'd expect that a machine that was that "young" which with reasonable care should have been in close to "new" condition - and then see it like that!.

                  I hope that MickyD can get his mill running as he should - he will have the "hired help" to assist when he gets elected "Prez" and is in the White House!!

                  (Isn't "White House" a bit "non-PC" in this day and age - and what if the Democrat candidate wins??? Maybe who-ever tipped the toner on the BP mill "knew something" in that regard - or perhaps they thought it would do as a molybdenum di-sulphide lubricant!!!)


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                    Tiffie - not cool. I am Black Irish and I resent that. If we were in a bar somebody might be looking for their teeth right now. I think that it is called the White House because it is painted white. But I promise to rename it the Pennsylvania Avenue Iron Works when I am elected.

                    With some help from J. Henricksen over at PM, I got the motor off pretty easy and separated the varidrive assembly from it. Have to call around Monday ot see where I am going to take it.