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anyone have plans for a lang range Soule sight?

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  • anyone have plans for a lang range Soule sight?

    this is for black powder cartridge shooting. i've seen them, but never had any apart or had a good chance to examine one closely. what i'm really looking for is how the mechanism for windage adjustments is made and how the long threaded rod for elevation adjustments is held in place at the top and bottom. anyone here ever build their own or have photos of one disassembled?

    andy b.
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    This is from my Rigby type long range match rifle (muzzle loader). They didn't have windage on the rear sight. That was done up front. However the photo shows how the elevation screw could be mounted and retained.

    Soule type. The staff is carried on a threaded rod inside the cylinder, which is capped on either end with graduated windage knobs. The cylinder has a slot across it's top that the staff rides back and forth in. There is a coil spring around the theaded rod on either side of the staff to tension it.

    Hope this might have been at least a bit of help.

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      Frontier Armory has a plan sets available for the mid range and long range Soule sights and the short range, mid range and long range Ballard sights. Price was $10.00 for all a few months ago.

      You will have to e-mail Wes, and he will send you information,. Good guy to deal with.

      They are well detailed. They are on 8-1/2" X 11" paper. I took them to Kinko's and enlarged to fit an 11" X 17" sheet.

      Buffalo Arms will sell you the same drawings for $59.75.
      Jim H.