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VFD and Pacemaker?

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  • VFD and Pacemaker?

    Well, we covered the dangers of using an arc welder near a heart pacemaker a while back, but my Bridgeport has a VFD. Anybody have experience or knowledge of whether a VFD will affect a heart pacemaker?

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    I would call Teco Westinghouse with that question. Then I would call Allen Bradley.

    I don't think that a VFD would affect a pacemaker but you need to make a couple of phone calls to find out for sure.


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      Instructions with my VFD (Teco-Westinghouse) says to consult your physician.

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        I work for one of the larger makers of VFD's and Servo drives. I don't know if it will be helpful for your research, but the IGBT switching frequency of most of these drives are 2, 4, 8, or 16 KHz depending on size and other factors. This info is sometimes in the specs but should be available from their tech support. If you are worried about radiated emissions, the best thing you can do is mount the VFD as far away as possible and use a shielded motor power cable and properly ground bond it at both ends. Leave the least amount of unsheilded conductor as you can. I typically am worried about the affect of emissions on other equipment in the panel, not equipment mounted in someones chest. We have a lot more trouble for UL testing in the upper frequecy ranges. A call to the Tech support of a couple big name manufacturers may bring additional info, but I am betting they are going to err on the safe side, whether they actually know or not. I can point you to a very good "best practices" document for control of electrical noise if you are interested.

        If all else fails and you have to work on the mill, wrap your chest in tin foil (copper foil would be better) and run a wire to ground.