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  • HF grinder question

    I bought one last week .... and i think its junk. I have been trying to true the plates that the grinder wheels mount on. They seem to warp when i tighten then nuts holding them on. i get run out of about .018. When I take them off put back on lathe with the arbor i made to turn them and they are true.I put back on grinder then maybe between .003 and .005 run out finger tight with the nuts, snug them up and then it goes goofy to big run out. The shaft that it mounts on had about .0005 runout, it was moving my .001 gauge about a half ... am i expecting to much ! or am i doing some thing wrong. ? Any suggestions would be appreciated
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    You're using the wheel that came with it? Don't assume it's true. Could easily have the hole at an angle or other defect. True one face with a diamond, flip it and do the other. Better yet, try with a good wheel. Those cheap grinders may not run long or have decent tool rests but should still spin OK for a while. I have a HF grinder I got for $9 and expected it to last a week. 8 years later, I still use it. You never know. I'd make new washers rather than trying to fix theirs.


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      As was said you true the wheels where you use them ,on the grinder.

      to do otherwise is just asking for trouble.


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        I too suspect the grinder wheel backing plate is the problem. Buy some new wheels or better yet, buy a diamond wheel.

        I have one of the HF tool grinders and mine has proved to be very good. It needed some fine tuning but now it works great.
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          If I am reading this correctly, he is talking just about truing and then re-mounting the flange....not the grinder wheel. If I am wrong, then re-mounting a wheel with a warped plate could easily pull the flanges out of true.

          If the problem is the flanges by themselves, I think it would make sense to true both sides of the flange. I haven't seen one apart in a while. I suppose the flange mounts to a shoulder on the motor shaft...and that could be out of true as well.

          Otherwise, if the issue is just the wheels, then yes, they suck, and no grinding wheel of any quality is likely to be true out of the box. That's what a diamond dresser is for.

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