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Has Ebay Died?

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  • Has Ebay Died?

    I'm going through my old searches, that would literally show me ten or twenty pages, and I'm not even getting a full page of results. This is for hobby related searches.

    Is this the economy or what?

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    Just mid-summer - hard to compete with the sun.


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      HOW come ebay and GOOGLE both come up with different search results from My brothers Comcast connection to my Windstream connection, or is my Mozilla versus his Explorer IE browser???

      AND, my Linux box comes up with different searches than my Windows box?

      AND. all these made for searches apparently written as I search?? second press of the search bar..

      By the way, paypal and ebay both suck.. but nothing else like either on the web..
      Excuse me, I farted.


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        Google customizes it's search results to suit your previous search tactics and subjects. It keeps track of where you are located according to your IP address and also customizes based on what browser and operating system you use. All of that information is included in the packets you send when you do a search and Google takes note and acts differently depending on that information.
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          It has seemed to me like eBay is waning. There are nearly as many items, but most are new imports. What is very much on the wane are used items. That's not to say they are not there, but it sure seems to be less. It also seems like manual machines, lathes and mills, are not as prevalent. Again, perhaps it is just a temporary fluctuation, but I agree that my canned
          searches don't yield as much as they used to.

          I figure it's because you guys have bought all the good stuff and are hoarding it!



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            I think it's the latest get rich scam

            I agree with the previous post that eBay is loaded with new import stuff.

            I guess the reason is that there have been lots of TV ads to get into the online sales business from home. The outfit with the ad sells a line of import stuff that they will sell to you and you can make your fortune selling the stuff off on eBay as your home business. Sellers doing this are fairly obvious as they have thousands if not tens of thousands of feedbacks.

            Also affecting things are the rates eBay has started charging to sell on eBay. I have quit selling things that way as the fees are getting to be objectionable. With Craigslist and other no-charge classified ad services available, I can see why someone with used items to sell would take the less expensive route where they can actually adveertise an asking price.


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              eBay has totally abandoned and repudiated their roots as the world's largest garage sale and now the stated long-term goal is to become the world's largest retailer. To do this, they have of raised the fees for small sellers to prohibitive levels, made PayPal a requirement, thus raising the fees de facto. Once they become mostly retail, then they will start collecting state sales taxes on every purchase. You read it here first.

              thnx, jack vines


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                Yeah, I gotta agree with many of the comments here. I've been selling a few of my old "thingies" on eBay over the last year and have noticed more and more "new" stuff. I've sold a few of the bigger items on Craigslist too, didn't want to bother with shipping and especially PayPal costs.

                My machines/tooling are just about all Sherline-based. I've gotten quite a bit my goodies off eBay. The Sherline selections on eBay have been getting really thin. There's one (re)seller dominating the Sherline area with full-priced ads for their machines/accessories. No or very little discount on the list prices. What's the point then, might as well go directly to Sherline. That's probably what he does anyway, just has the stuff drop-shipped after it's paid.

                There's still plenty of bargains to be found on eBay, just gotta start getting more savvy about searching and not be in a hurry.



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                  What packard said is spot on .They are shooting themselves in the foot in my opinion with their greed.Alistair
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                    Absolutely agree with the idea they are shooting themselves in the foot.

                    At the moment Ebay UK is testing / using a new search device, very difficult to search for auction only items or by distance.

                    A lot of people are finding they are getting reams of stuff in their searches that Ebay want them to buy.

                    It's a long way from the original idea.

                    If you're in the UK there was an opt out at the bottom of the page but you have to look for it.
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                      They are shooting themselves in the foot in my opinion with their greed.
                      Not really. From a business standpoint, it's a smart move. E-commerce sales continue to rise double digits every month. Retail sales can barely get past a 4% increase for an entire year. With gas prices so high, folks are ordering on-line rather than driving just to find out something is out of stock. Where else but Ebay can you open a "Store Front", have an on-line merchant system and start selling products immediately with little or no overhead? You're just upset because you're not part of it.

                      Forgot to mention: Just heard on the news tonight that Americans drove 9,600,000,000 less miles--Last MONTH! That's 87,000,000 gallons of gas not used. If you want to gripe about something, gripe that gasoline only went down $0.11 last week.
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                        I have to say, I just listed some things.

                        If they stick with this $.25 listing fee, I'll likely start selling again. I don't mind paying more in final value fees. My previous auctions were costing me around five bucks each to list, and only sold 1/4 of the time.


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                          EBay's roote and its obligations

                          eBay, like Google was originally a small-fry "back-yard/home/hobby" thing that was pretty well free and pretty basic - but served a purpose as a sort of on-line garage sale - much as Craig's List is today.

                          Both were so popular that they just "grew like Topsy" and were still privately-owned. Then they started to make money and had to expand which meant more computing and employees etc.


                          Of course they "went commercial" and were "corporatised" and were "bought out" for huge sums by some very shrewd people with the financial resources to do it.

                          The rest is history - the developers and many of their teams became very rich over-night.

                          And why not?

                          There are endless companies that start up with the end-view of "selling up" and making a motza. The employees just have to take their chances - same as in Silicon valley etc.

                          Both/all are quite entitled to set their fees for service to what-ever they like as the "market" will soon let them know if they have pitched it too high or too low.

                          This is what the true entrepreneurs (and capitalists) and Corporations do, have done since year one and will do for ever more.

                          I can't see what griping about it will do to change anything.

                          Use it and pay up or just don't use it at all - easy.


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                            I think Craigs list has something to do with it also, perhaps not much, but even 10% can hurt.

                            Go Craigs List, slay the dragon.


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                              Originally posted by snowman
                              I have to say, I just listed some things.

                              If they stick with this $.25 listing fee, I'll likely start selling again. I don't mind paying more in final value fees. My previous auctions were costing me around five bucks each to list, and only sold 1/4 of the time.
                              IIRC, the $0.25 list fee was ONLY for fixed price ads - i.e. no bidding required, like a BUY NOW. That's ok if you want a given selling price, like a BUY NOW button.

                              For the few ads I place, I've gotten my listing fees down lower - hosting my own pictures saves $1-$2. Be aware of your initial price - that determines part of the listing fee. I hate the nickel/dime-ing that eBay does for a bold title, better search rank, borders around your ads, picture gallery, supersized pictures, 2nd category, buy it now, etc.

                              So become a bit more savy about the various fees and you can lower your listing $