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Rotary Table Trouble

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  • Rotary Table Trouble

    I have a Phase II 8" rotary table that was working fine. I started to use it the other night and it started to get tight when rotating.

    I Removed the bottom nut which reviled a keyed shaft. So as not to risk damage I thought best to seek advice as what to do next. Any helpfull hints as what to do next?

    Thanks T.J.

    PS. I did look in the archive.

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    I have a 6" that did the same thing. I found that you can adjust the worm in or out of mesh with the wheel by rotating the collar behind the crank and dial. There is a little lever to lock it in position. I adjusted mine until I had a good feel and little backlash.
    Good luck
    John R


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      I know this is basic. My Phase II 8" manual cautions to keep the reservoir filled to the sight glass and the table and crank using spindle oil. They say the table can lockup and not rotate.