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Opinion / experience with Tresna instruments?

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  • Opinion / experience with Tresna instruments?

    Anybody bought from these people? They ship direct from China via DHL. They actually manufacture a lot of the calipers with other people's name on them. They have calipers that read to 0.0002, which is what I have my eye on.

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    World mechanical instrument makers like Starrett and Mitutoyo had better look sharp. Third world start ups have a way of taking over the market. Look how the automotive manufacturers use to laugh at Honda and Toyota.


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      These guys aren't startups. Been making instruments since the 80s but just now started selling direct. Prices are decent for some things and shipping is free. They make stuff that gets branded with Fowler and B&S and other name brands. Some fairly exotic stuff available from them.

      So far as competition, about anything the Asians set their mind to, they'll be cheaper. Quality varies. Support is often nonexistent. New vial for a Starrett level? No sweat. But, at the price the Asian stuff is obviously disposable.


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        Ordered a set of Hook Type Calipers and received a receipt number. It was supposed to arrive April 3, 2019. Still no sign of it -- now April 11, called their 24/7 support number numerous times, left a message absolutely no response. Their idea of 24/7 is a number that directs you to a voicemail box that seems to be completely ignored.

        Used their email web form with the same results, still no response. Very frustrating...

        Based on this experience, I would advise avoiding these clowns like the plaque... Even the greeting on their voicemail stinks -- gives the impression you are dealing with someone who could not careless about you and your problems...