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Drilling - Milling a Radius

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  • Drilling - Milling a Radius

    The drawing call for a inside 1/8 radius. Will a 1/4 inch drilled hole placed into the corner produce the correct radius? Then I can mill away the rest of the material.



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    Why not use a 1/4" plunge mill?


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      That's probably how I'd do it. You could, as suggested, use a 1/4" end mill for the milling, which would also give you the radius. If you do that though, watch out for chatter in the corner. That's why I'd probably drill and then use a 3/16" end mill for cleanup, so there was contact only on one side.

      If you want a better finish on the inside radius than a drill is likely to give you, drill 3/16" then follow with a 1/4" 4-flute end mill.
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