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    Very good luck and much fun with your new equipment G A regards as always and God Bless Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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      Originally posted by dp
      I don't have that exact tailstock but I did clean up the clamp which is very similar. I also put a spring on it to force it away from bottom of the ways. As built it's likely to rock one end or the other while sliding and it will jam. The spring allows a nice smooth glide.
      I have implemented your excellent tip and it works 100%. A cut off box end wrench makes a perfect handle that stays in place. 1/4 turn from locked to free. Thanks for the great idea.

      Locked up,,,,,,,,,


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        George congratulations on your new tools and best of luck in using them. Scaling down is a difficult decision to make, but all too often, I have seen the results of not making the decision, which ends up in frustration and ultimately unused tools wasting away from lack of use and neglect.

        While you are setting up your lathe, this is a "Why didn't I think of that?" feature of Sheldon lathes. The tailstock nut is simply too long for the wrench to be removed with a relief turned for operating the wrench. The wrench is always available. There are times when the T/S is close to the saddle, or junk is in the way and the extended nut becomes useful for operating the T/S as well.

        Jim H.


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          An improved way of dealing with the spinning problem is to use a dog, or make a special device to simply clamp on the drill or chuck shank. Rest it on the compound.

          That takes the torque not only off the taper, but also off the key that holds the T/S ram from spinning.

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          Hashim Khan

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            well i didnt make a new under plate for my tail stock but i did install the spring and washer it locks up nice and less then 1/4 trun and the tail stock now glides like its on ice over so smooth what a difference, now its to go and buy my self a box wrench that i need and iam all set, iam really really impressed with the spring idea works so slick every one has got to do this mod..