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  • Got a New(used) Machine.....

    A couple of weeks ago, I got a hold of a Covel 7A surface grinder thru work.
    It cost me the princely sum of a six pack of the office ladys favorite adult beverage.(About 7.00$)
    It seems we have been storing this machine for another shop that had run out of room/use for it and had placed it outside in the weather.
    The owner of our shop didn't like seeing that, so he offerd to store it.
    Now a year and a half later we needed the room, so I had the office lady give a call to the owner to see what he wanted for it, and he said I could have it so long as I gave Sheila a six pack for her trouble of making the call.
    I may have to replace the spindle bearings as I can feel a slight tick when rotating the wheel by hand, but the rest of the machine is smooth operating and mainly just dirty. Surly it should be ok for my garage use anyway.
    Anyone have a line on a manual for a 7A ?
    Pictures will follow shortly

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    Stories like this give me the hope that, one day, something like this will happen to me. Good score!
    Stuart de Haro


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      Wow great score........drool

      U C this would never happen to me as I would stop by to drop off the six pack to Sheila and then make some remark about a shaper and what fine shape she has, alcohol would be consumed, sometime later someone would bust in the door of motel 6 and the grinder would be costing me......well half of what I previously owned.............
      Opportunity knocks once, temptation leans on the doorbell.....


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        It looks nearly pristine.
        Great score !!!!


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          Uh....I would give you TWO cases of your favorite beverage for that grinder. No deal huh?

          Nice score. I am jealous. I want a surface grinder so bad I can taste it. Mmmmmm.....aluminum oxide....yummy



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            not shure about the covel grinder,however on my brown and sharp,if you let it set unused several days the drive belt will flat spot.This can make a ticking sound and feel like something is wrong in the spindle.If you let it run a few minutes it will go away


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              Rumor has it that it was outside for the better part of a winter ......uncoverd......
              I have no idea on its age other than old, but it has some pretty thick paint that someone applied, which probably helped to protect it.
              It has a very strong fine pole magnet, and is generally complete except for an access cover which is missing off the side.
              A little bit of Hoppes #9 on a rag and the grime has been comming off easily.
              Despite not being used for about 2 years, it is quite smooth in all movements except for the tiny tick in the spindle.
              I have it partially disassembleed now for a good cleaning and inspection.
              I can power it up with a static convertor I have, but have heard it may affect surface finish due to the missing phase. Will have to see about that.
              Any body on here have a 7A ? Anyone know where I might get a hold of a manual ? Also it appears to be a direct drive spindle.



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                Recently picked up a 5 HP Phase-A-Matic RPC (on my Birthday) from a PM member that had "smoked".
                Brought it home and opend it up to find a blown cap as suspected.
                Put all new caps into it and got it running.
                Used this to get my grinder running and grind the magnet in .

                I believe I will leave the bearings in the spindle alone for the time being.
                Surface finish is acceptable to me for what I may do with the machine.

                Cost of Grinder ....6pack of bud.
                Cost of RPC .......12pack of Heiniken + $40.00 bucks in gas + $40.00 for caps.