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    Yeah me again, since i got rid of norton loaded avg now system always goes into copybook rederects ect/? Whats uyp any ideas?

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    did you reformat and relaod windows fresh and all your programs all reinstalled fresh again, if not then you got some issues and neeed to do so


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      Madman, check your messages...


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        Follow the instructions on that page, should fix your problem as it has for others....


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          My company has a site license for the Symantec Endpoint Security (latest name for what used to be Norton Antivirus). A co-worker uses AVG and wanted me to tell him why all his HTML formatted emails were suddenly stripped of actual HTML content. I administer the mail server, therefore it must be my fault, nevermind that he is the only one with the problem He even sent me the messages, which were forever changed once he received them.

          Turns out it was a recent update to AVG. He turned off its piece with "hooks" into Outlook and the problem went away. The moral of the story is that every company makes some crap from time to time

          Paul Carpenter
          Mapleton, IL


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            I dont like AVG, as I think its a resource hog also (obviously not compared to Norton or MacAfee)

            I use and like Avira.....You can find it on

            I run a very clean computer with as few processes as possible.

            I am currently running Vista Ultimate 64bit, with the side bar and the features that make Vista cool to look at with only 43 processes running at this moment.....


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              Thanx Rob

              Rob my system is operational again. Back to its original manners so to speak. Everything is ruinning faster and properly. Thanx Again Madman


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                I am glad it worked out for you.....


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                  For anyone who uses AVG, they should read this


                  Precision takes time.


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                    linkscanner was the first thing I turned off
                    I don't need a net nanny
                    Just got my head together
                    now my body's falling apart


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                      Is this a problem with the free version? I don't see any mention
                      of "linkscanner" in the components listed.


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                        In reading the article there was a quick and ambiguous statement about "the for pay linkscanner" so it sounds like its part of the one you buy...

                        I dumped AVG cause it was using to may resources and memory and now use Avira...

                        You can check it out at and you will see that is receives the same decent review that AVG gets.....and its a whole lot less bloated than AVG...