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Freshening up a Fray RH10

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  • Freshening up a Fray RH10

    Picked up a Fray RH10 vertical/horizontal mill a couple of weeks ago, and will be spiffing it up a bit. I'll be posting pics here as the process moves along.

    Here's where it sat for who knows how long -

    Almost home -

    It currently sits just inside the garage door -

    And MANY THANKS to to Jay (tiptop) for putting up with my questions

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    Off comes the X handle

    And what do we find?

    Obviously a key slot And a spanner nut, with the lockwasher behind it, and a big honkin' retaining ring along the inside perimeter.

    I sure hope my ring plers are big enough to get this one out...I just hate when I have to buy another tool...ROTFL

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      Originally posted by tiptop
      ...if you tire of it.


      Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight



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        that is a very interesting mill, very unique head design.


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          Not only does the table have X/Y/Z travel, but the turret also does X/Y.



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            That looks like a very useful machine for a home shop. What taper does the spindle have? What does the weight seem to be on it? Does it seem to be pretty rigid?


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              Originally posted by MickeyD
              That looks like a very useful machine for a home shop.
              Yeah, the horizontal "quill" should open up new possibilities.

              Originally posted by MickeyD
              What taper does the spindle have?

              Originally posted by MickeyD
              What does the weight seem to be on it?
              Don't know for sure, but I've heard 17-1900lbs. A Bobcat didn't have much trouble lifting it up into the bed of the wrecker. And the wrecker didn't squat down by any noticable amount when the machine was lowered onto it.

              Originally posted by MickeyD
              Does it seem to be pretty rigid?

              Paging tiptop...Tiptop to the gray courtesy telephone please!!!
              Dunno, never really used it, other than when I first went to look at it to make sure the bearings weren't shot.


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                Nice mill,first one I have seen.Wonder what drove them to making a xy ram like that?
                I just need one more tool,just one!


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                  Don't know...Here's a little more info -




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                    Got to tinkering a bit more with it last night...I didn't have space for the stuff that's sitting on the machine's table , so I fiddled with the horizontal drive to see if I could figure out why I could stop the spindle with my hand.

                    I was sent a manual on these machines , and briefly looked it over when I got it with the intent of readint it during down time at work. A callout that said BACKGEAR happend to catch my eye. The backgear is a plantary setup, interesting. I've heard the term backgear, but one was never specifically pointed out, so I thought they would be some kind of external assembly ( it's not a toomah!!! ), something like the headstock on a lathe. Don't know why I thought that, but that's the preconceived image I had.

                    The outer spindle pulley has 2 set screws, right where my thumb and index fingers are -

                    The outer pulley came off, and here's what was underneath -

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                      I was just fondling the pulleys and happened to notice this pin -

                      And what's this behind the inner pulley, looks smooth, like a brake disk and has a zerk fitting...?? A clutch of some sort? I feel around the back of the "brake disk" and find a hole that the pin fits in perfectly...Then I spin the pulleys by hand and notice the horizontal spindle is rotating, but it's going a LOT slower than I'm spinning the pulleys, and I can't stop it with my hand. I get this feeling "hey, what a minute here. Something big is about to happen, I don't know what it is, but something's going to happen"...I fiddled with the "brake disk" and the pin a little more all the while still spinning the pulleys...All of a sudden - THAT"S THE BACKGEAR!!!!!!!! Holy #!#[email protected][email protected]#[email protected]# !!!! The backgear!!!

                      So I take the belt guard off the head and check...There's the backgear, sitting quietly under the pulley -

                      Turns out the pin I thought was the spindle lock was the pin to engage the backgear -

                      I'm a happy camper right now...

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                        Keeping the bugs away, and it smells a he!! of a lot better than Raid...

                        Took the vice off, and found someone swapped in some cool "t-nuts"

                        Real clean spot on the table - when's the last time the vice has been moved?


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                          Gib adjustment screw -

                          And the gib -

                          One of the felt way wipers -

                          And the brass (?) wiper cover -

                          Ran into a problem not being able to get the spanner nut off, and didn't have the stock lying around to make a wrench to fit it. So if it looks like I jumped from here to there this time...I did...
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                            And on an unhappy note, my snap ring pliers will work on these rings -

                            Rats, I was looking forward to having a justification to pick up a bigger set of pliers