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Press brake dies

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  • Press brake dies

    Posted earlier about hydraulic press safety. Thanks for the replies and very useful info.

    Visited a lot of web sites of outfits that sell various tooling but most is far beyond my needs - to say nothing of cost.

    Hoping someone can point me to the "built-by-me" posts - either in this forum or on the net. Construction articles or fundamentals of design would be great. What sort of steel - mild or ? What sort of dimensions to stand up to 12 tons of force & have a real good safety factor?

    To make, for example, a 90 degree bend I imagine that the trick is to make a dies that allows making maybe a 95 degree bend that "relaxes" once out of the press to the desired 90 degrees. Is there a formula that relates whatever the variables are to calculate how much of an overbend is needed?

    Thanks once again to all the members who share their know-how!

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    Press brake dies

    If I remember correctly, the material that was used in brake press tooling was 4130. It is tough and not prone to cracking.
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      12t is not as much as you think. You'll be limited to the thickness you can bend anyway. Most all A36 stock can be used for bending dies. If you plan on making a production line, then you might use tool steels. I've made a couple of 90's using 3x1/4" angle iron. The bottom is two pieces welded side-by-side to form an "M" then another piece welded into the center "V".

      I've also used a piece or two of channel. This was the process I used to make a FEL bucket. I pressed the 3" channel into a 6" channel with the steel in between. I had to do in steps across the width but it worked.


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        Her is a homemade version of a press brake for bending brackets and such. It is all made of plain old cold rolled steel and no hardening. I use it in an "H" press that has a 4" x 8" hydraulic cylinder that is powered by a log splitter pump. I can bend 7 Ga. full width and 1/4" about 8" with the 1-1/4" V opening in the bottom die. You need to experiment with the nose radius of the upper die to get exact bends. No radius will result in too much bend and too much will not get a full 90°.


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          Engineers Edge has all manner of topics, calculators, fourmulae.

          I can't comprehend half of it but it's fun to look at.