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Jet Lathe manual - FREE !!

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  • Jet Lathe manual - FREE !!

    Anyone need a Jet Lathe manual?
    It's for Model 619 PBD
    Manufactured in 1988
    It looks to be a bench top, belt drive, 6X18"
    If anyone needs this manual, send me a private message, and I'll drop it in the mail for ya.

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    I'll take it... if it's still available after 2 years!

    Hello, I sent you a couple of PM's and then thought I should reply to the post.
    You can email me @ [email protected] or call me 253.370.6880


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      Sorry buddy.
      I looked for that old manual but couldn't find it anywhere.
      I think it's a goner.
      No-one replied to the post, or bought it off of Ebay, so i think I pitched it.
      Again, SORRY.


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        No problem....

        Well if you happen to come across it keep me in mind...I doubt i"ll find another one, Jet doesn't even have one. They said they didn't make that many of them. Oh well at least it was free. I'll really know it well as I get it together. Any recomendations on where to post as to parts or maybe a manual?