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the demise of the parking meter

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  • the demise of the parking meter

    I've recently returned from my usual summer trip to the San Francisco Bay area. I expected to see some changes caused by the currently high price of fuel, and was not disappointed. For starters, almost everybody on I-80 was obeying the speed limit, with nary a patrol car in sight.

    A Tesla dealer has opened in Menlo Park, not far from Frank Ford's house. I'll bet he, like me, has not been inside to hear the spiel for these $109,000 electric sports cars, capable of 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds.

    I spotted this (unidentified) electric car in Woodside. Amazingly, it appears to have a back-seat passenger. I never pay to park anyway, but I'd be even less inclined to do so if I parked one of these nose to the curb. Will cities have to add more parking meters, or will they eliminate them altogether?

    Allan Ostling

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    No way Jose'

    Sure - get rid of them in the US - but not in Queensland (OZ) as these are not only very good to look at but they put the money in the parking meters for you - for free (perhaps not if you get "sucked in").

    We might be silly in OZ - but we ain't stupid!!



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      The city of Williams Lake removed all parking meters about 25 years ago. The entire town is free parking with a 2 hour time limit during business hours downtown.
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        Originally posted by Evan
        The city of Williams Lake removed all parking meters about 25 years ago.
        so what did they do with the 5 parking meters?


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          True enuf, I haven't been to the Tesla showroom. I wonder why they even have one considering that they already have a years-long backorder status. I suppose it has to do with bigtime corporate aspirations and plans that are way beyond me.

          As to gas prices having an effect around here, I'm kinda oblivious. My daily commute is three miles, so I just don't think about gas prices much. Utilities and water have outstripped the increase in gasoline.

          Frank Ford


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            This is a kind of fun genre of vehicles - Google electric microcar and go to the images server to see the huge variety of these little doods.


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              Originally posted by Evan
              The city of Williams Lake removed all parking meters about 25 years ago. The entire town is free parking with a 2 hour time limit during business hours downtown.
              Just dawned on me why Williams Lake sounded so familiar - I was through there on my Harley on the way to Prince George and Jasper beyond. Rode up via Vancouver and Whistler then picked up the Caribou Highway. Spent the night at 100 mile house so we could see the lake area in the early hours rather than at the end of the day. I was surprised to see such a large community so far from anywhere. Not that far from Oroville/Osoyoos where I'm retiring. I'll have to meet you in half way in Kamloops or Kelowna and give you all my old HSM magazines

              I do expect to put in a lot of miles between the border and Kamloops area.


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                Why is it that "Eco" cars must be so blatantly and defiantly impractical? Do all the Hollywood folks who drive them use their Hummer for anything other than show trips?

                I have commented on the "Smart car" before. It is totally impractical for anything not possible to do on a motorcycle. needs a zipper.

                it and that blue thing are the "cat suits" of the automotive world. They need to get 70+ mpg to be a decent trade.

                But, the "Dumb car" cannot equal the mileage of the slightly more practical (but still nutty) Honda Insight. In fact, it only slightly exceeds the best performance of some pickup trucks...... Some trucks get over 30 MPG, the "Dumb car" punishes you with no space inside, the surety of death in a collision, and gets only 40-50 mpg per EPA, no doubt less in reality.... converted to gallons per mile, the poor tradeoff is much more obvious.

                I am happy not to be the poor guy "zipped into" the back of that blue "car".

                Keep eye on ball.
                Hashim Khan


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                  JT im in agreement about the "dumb car"

                  they should be embarrassed and outright ashamed --- a turbo jetta diesel puts them to shame and can haul ass with five comfortable passengers + luggage up a 12% grade, and when they were in production they were half the price - what an absolute crock, poor slobs -- people dont think, they will spend extreme amounts of moneys in order to try and do the right thing, all the dumb car really has is an efficiency image, the rest is a lie... my tercel kills it and has seat belts for five

                  As far as that blue thing goes -- someone pushed it to far with wheel track --- thats a mild turn and the little turd looks like its about to go sticky side up (thats one light front left tire), and by the looks of all the body panel waves in the other picture it might not be the first time


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                    Originally posted by J Tiers
                    the surety of death in a collision,

                    Test results have proven that the car holds up much better than expected due to a reinforced occupant cage and using the little wheels as crunch zones, but dont tell that to your heart as it gets separated from your aorta...


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                      Which side of the border are you retiring to? We are possibly planning to go to the Mt. Kobau Star Party next year in August. I've been twice before and it's time for another visit. Mt. Kobau is just out of Oliver. If you are on this side we'll stop and visit. I can't reenter the US easily because I am an American citizen. Canadians have no problem but if you are a citizen then you must have biometric ID from the US gov to get back in the country. To get that I would have to make a trip to the consulate in Vancouver to apply for a passport or ID card because they want my finger print or iris scan or whatever. That would cost us several hundred in gasoline alone plus another couple for food and a hotel. You can't do it by mail anymore.
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                        Our house is 3 miles south of the border in Oroville. That's an amazing amount of bureaucracy to battle just to cross the border. I do it quite often - usually on the motorcycle. Only had one problem coming this way at Chief Mountain when the US guards took our group for a bunch of outlaw bikers and pulled our papers for a good long examination. Couple hours lost but quite a story to tell.

                        Here's the "band of outlaws" outside the guard station:

                        Well I guess I can't offer you a free night's stay, but will anyway. Things might change by next year.


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                          Thanks for the offer Dennis. If we have occasion to go to Kamloops or Kelowna I'll let you know and maybe we can coordinate a meet. I will gladly take the magazines off your hands.
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                            In Europe parking meters are on the way out because you can the parking by mobile phone (cell phone, handi ... )



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                              I always use Port of Pagan when going into Montana and rarely have any problems, buddy knew a border guard years ago and gave him some tips.....Immediately kill your engine, lift your sunglasses so they can see your bloodshot eyes with bugs and have specific answers about your business.

                              I usually have way more problems re-entering Canada, might have to go to Newport in Sept, will be the first time since 911 so maybe things have changed???
                              Opportunity knocks once, temptation leans on the doorbell.....