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Made some chips today...

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  • Made some chips today...

    Some more parts for the movie company. Think this will be the last from them for now. Production is supposed to wrap up next month.

    Parts were made from chunks of aluminum, 6061-t6, 1"x3.5"x4". Using some 1/2" carbide variable flute polished coated aluminum cutters from Lake Shore Carbide. Little over $40 a piece. Man do they move the metal!

    Was running at 6000 RPM, up to 80IPM at .2" DOC but that was putting a little more load on the motor than I wanted so I slowed it down to 5400RPM, 50IPM Rough, and 30 IPM finish cuts.

    Just a little bit of chips...

    Made 11 of these thing, 10 for them, one for me.

    They will be anodized later.
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    Always amazed at the amount of chips that comes from machining..

    Looks like the fixture set up you snagged is being useful.

    Are you doing the anodizing ?


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      is this using your spindle speeder~?


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        The money I spent on that tooling has already paid for itself. Havnt used my Kurt in months!

        They are going to have someone anodize the parts between productions. I dont have the room for the buckets to do it.

        This was done without the spindle speeder.


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          Nice work!! No spindle speeder? What mill are you using with a 6000 RPM spindle??? JR

          Originally posted by macona

          This was done without the spindle speeder.
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            Supermax YCM-16VS. Actually rated 4200 but with a VFD...

            I went through and checked the specs on all the bearings in the spindle and drive and they all can do 10000 RPM+ and the spindle stays pretty cool during use so I am not worried.

            Works really well. Put a fiber optic reflective sensor to read off a mark on the driven pulley and Mach keeps the spindle speed constant under load.