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need holding advice for facemill...

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  • need holding advice for facemill...

    I have a 4-insert, 2" facemill, with a 1" shank for my Powermatic mill.
    Now, here's the question....
    Should I hold it with a 1" collet, or use a 1" Endmill holder?
    I know the endmill holder is more rigid, BUT... it will add about 3" to the tool length. (Chatter?)
    On the flip-side, a 1" collet will be nice & short, BUT.... I'm worried about it slipping/spinning in the collet.
    Which would you advise? Collet or Endmill-Holder?

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    What taper is your spindle and what kind of collets do you have?


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      R8 and R8...


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        I'd go with the collets because they have less overhang and are less susceptible to chatter. Face mills don't usually try to pull themselves out of the spindle like endmills do, so it's a bit safer to use collets for them.

        Does the shank have a set-screw flat? If not, then collets are your answer. If it does, I'd still try a collet first. If it slips, then try the endmill holder.


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          I'd be careful about using a 1" R8 collet. They get pretty weak at 1" shank, even good ones like Lyndex. Not a lot of meat left at an inch.

          If you don't like endmill holders, why don't you simply turn down the shank on your facemill to fit your biggest collet? A 3/4" shank is generally plenty for a small 2" facemill.

          If you think you understand what is going on, you haven't been paying attention.


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            Good idea Dalee....
            I'll turn the shank down to 3/4".
            Sometimes the obvious is right in front of your face ... You just need someone to point it out to you.