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Anyone else get an AVG file error today?

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  • Anyone else get an AVG file error today?

    Update file shows a missing file, and it killed AVG.

    I had to re-install it, first uninstalling and then re-installing 8. Then teh update shows failing on a server error.

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    Hashim Khan

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    Yes, getting a .bin file error. The AVG board advise says to wait for update from AVG.



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      Yes -- apparently AVG sent out a bad update file yesterday. It worked for me this morning.
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        Got the update this morning and it installed without a hitch. Just lucky I guess.


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          Speaking of AVG...are you fellows happy with AVG in general? Have you used it for older, slower PC's?

          I'm resuscitating a couple of attic fodder PC's for computer-poor siblings and would like to install an anti-virus app that won't hog so much system "real estate." My 1st try for sister #1 was a PII 400 that ran a fresh install of W2000 Pro great until young nephew installed ZoneAlarm & AVG 8. Now it takes FOREVER to just boot up! I realize a PII is slow but it worked plenty well for what her needs until the "protection" was installed. I'm looking around for more ram which should help.

          I removed the PII and installed a PIII 500 box yesterday with 384 meg ram and it does great. Nephew and I are deciding what to do about security now.

          I have the PII back home today and after uninstalling the protection, it cooks along very well again. I'm trying to get the most out of it I can to give to sis' #2.

          Both sisters have Comcast cable service and they offer McAfee for free (1 yr I think) but I've heard it sucks.

          ps: Speaking of ram, anybody got any 128 or 256 meg PC133 SDRAM for sale real cheap for a good cause?

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            I use AVG and like it. I had the error show up yesterday and tryed to update as recommended but it would not clear the issue. This morning in auto updated and is gone now.
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              x3 or 4

              missing .bin file on my installs as well, auto update at 3am last night fixed it though.

              I don't believe that it stopped the software in my case, it said it was unprotected, but when I opened the control panel it was just complaining that my virus definitions were not up to date.

              I do like AVG since I have been running it. I removed Norton internet security on three computers and installed AVG. In every case, the AVG software found a virus that norton had not flagged.

              The only complaint I have about the free version, is that in regards to the virii (?) it found, in each case, it said the files they were in were too large for the vault (quarantine). In each case I had to manually delete them, and to make things worse, AFAIK AVG did not flag me that they were there, the only way I found out was by looking at the scan history in the AVG control panel. I don't know if AVG cripples the virus and makes it so it can't do any harm until it is cleaned, but it was a bit odd if you asked me. I have not found any tools to set the file size that will fit in the "vault" my installs all defaulted to 10% of the drive space for the vault, and that is more than enough room for all of the files it seemed to have trouble with. I have not had time to further investigate it, so in the mean time, I just check every few days to see if there is a virus flagged in the scan history.



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                I've been usin AVG without any problems but a friend back east was
                and found another free one from " AVAST.COM " that he likes so
                that seems to be another option.


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                  Seems like it was a real problem. I wasn't sure if some targeted malware had zapped it. Thanks.

                  Apparently the missing .bin file was stored for updating on restart, and when I re-started, the file was not there when the update was performed. Evidently it dumped the old file, then went to put in the new one, and failed because it was not there. So the install was incomplete.

                  Nothing at all would work, although the CP was present. It could not update from the web, nor could it actually run.

                  I had to re-install 8, and then wait until the 11 meg update was fixed.

                  AVAST has gotten good reviews. Some people claim AVG is a real pig for slowing computers, and say AVAST is better. I have not experienced that issue.

                  Keep eye on ball.
                  Hashim Khan


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                    "Apparently the missing .bin file was stored for updating on restart,....."

                    Yeah. My wife had a problem with her AVG Friday morning, and it cleared up when I restarted her computer.

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                      Used to use free AVG, changed to Avast free, WOW,much faster and it found TROJANS in the software of an older hard drive. There's a little ball that spins on the taskbar when it's working, and the voice announced updates catch you unawares at times but it's very reassuring.
                      Regards Ian.
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                        Originally posted by Circlip
                        and the voice announced updates catch you unawares at times but it's very reassuring.
                        Wow, THAT made it a definite non-starter for me...... I don't want my computer to talk back to me....... First thing I do is turn sound OFF, and there is where it stays.

                        AVG will remain..... Thanks for the info.

                        Keep eye on ball.
                        Hashim Khan


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                          Dunno about that JT, I've downloaded Avast with the intention of installing on my old workshop lappy, which I occasionally use online.
                          The latest AVG is quite a pig. First thing I did was turn off the URL scanner.
                          I presume there will be an option to turn off/mute "alerts" in Avast.

                          I will not stand for machines yelling at me either. Even if it's windoze, I've always found a way to turn off bill's "help".
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                            I am not a fan of AVG as I found it to be a resource hog (i am more picky than most regarding computer processes etc)

                            I use Avira. Its free and rated just as well as AVG and Avast from

                            I tried Avast, but I just didnt groove with it off the bat. I also tried Komodo AV, similar experience for me as Avast...

                            I find Avira to be minimally intrusive with a light footprint.


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                              Here's some news. AVG is Avira!