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any replacement for an original Rockwell "Furnas" switch?

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  • any replacement for an original Rockwell "Furnas" switch?

    My bandsaw switch pooched out, and rather than replace it with a toggle like I've seen done (I'd like to keep the original "rockwell" buttons), is there any replacement for a Furnas 12bA21T, once commonly used for their 1 phase tools?

    I'm probably just going to make a new contact for the one that broke and hope I can reassemble the damn thing.
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    They can be found . But was told that type of switch is not made any more . Something with Osha some safety stuff. check E bay have seen them their.
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      Just to close out the thread for future searchers, the switch was remarkably user serviceable. I made a new contact out of 1/32 brass, replacing the one that cracked on the sliding element. Took 5 minutes.

      One warning, when disassembling the switch, watch for the the 1/8th dia balls at the top of the spring in a tube on the arms of the slide that provide tension. I was plain lucky I didn't lose them.
      Location: Jersey City NJ USA