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Anyone get this video to play..

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  • Anyone get this video to play..

    I found some old WW2 lathe instruction videos and have downloaded three from here

    Two play properly but with the cutting an external acme thread one (link below) all I get is a green screen lasting for 17 seconds.. Is the problem at my end or is the file corrupted (I downloaded it twice with the same results both times)

    any ideas??? It could be a codec problem..
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    Tried downloading twice but each time the server cut the connection I think there maybe too many trying to get it!!!
    If you can download it to your own machine then try to play it!!!

    I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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      Just finished watching it. That is a good visual description. No audio,
      at least I couldn't get any. Covered picking up thread after removing
      the bit, removing from ctrs. and replacing, setting up the bit,
      (that mark on the tailstock ram for vertical centering is slick) with
      the center already occupied, and the white lead lub for the center. :-)
      Anyone know what lathe that was? Nice slow spindle and threading
      down to 2 TPI. After the first two passes I was wondering if it had
      threading dial but then on the next pass he engaged it.
      That (with some audio commentary) would be good for the
      beginner, should realy be done for 60 deg threads first though.


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        I had audio, I download the classic player on the top of the first link ringer put up.
        There is also a video on cutting a vee thread.

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          The Acme thread video worked fine for me including audio. I used the Quik Time player.

          Thanks for the link to the video files.


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            I got the Video to come up without trouble but I am using an Apple and not Microsoft's player. I note this is playable with MPEG4 (microsoft) and Quick Time (Available in all operating systems, I think, but definately what Apple uses)
            Looks like a nice video.



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              Media Player Classic (SourceForge -- OpenSource) is free and has all the codecs you need:

     aka : Download best audio, video codecs and tools for free - daily updated!

              These are great videos -- basically the video version of South Bends "How To Run a Lathe". The videos where the "boy" gets a job from his frumpy foreman is hilarious

              By the way, each month Paul's page exceeds it's bandwidth limit and is shut down for the remainder of the month, so if right-click and save the videos locally, it'll save him a lot of headaches.
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                this is the one


                it's the cccp "combined community codec package" media player classic with combined codec package ...

                plays the lot ..

                if it does not may have to install quick time player.

                all the best.mark


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                  would love to have that lathe, such a nice looking machine, so simple for threading too. Would have helped on last weeks job of cutting a 4 tpi 2 start acme. having said that my import 12x36 handled it just fine (after making a gear for the .5 lead) but still turning a 2tpi thread at even 75 rpm gets a bit hairy lol

                  Thanks for the vids


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                    I had to download quicktime player to get it to play...Nice lathe in that acme video..Brand new by the looks of it..
                    Precision takes time.


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                      that is a beauty in the acme video, I think it is a Hendy or a Sidney?


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                        P&W I think...
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