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You guys ever had a way dry out?

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  • You guys ever had a way dry out?

    The rear X axis way actually dried out on the china hoe, I give her two pumps every time I use it but its been allot of idle times in the basement due to the fun weather, so im down there the other day and im cranking on the handle and at the end of moving it from one end to the other I notice my arm is actually feeling it -------- then i start thinking of how it was like silk when I first got her, start checking things and the rear way was dry, I hand applied some lube and it took off, Iv checked that everything was lubing long ago but I think it drains way down when she sits and even with two pumps it doesnt get to the highest fittings (the X's) My multi line connector is basically just a connection junction with no volume adjustments -- so should I just godzilla the pump reps and extra dusch all the other area's wasting the vactra (I hate that)...

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    It seemed to be a good idea ................


    if I had to guess I'd say that you have a manifolded lubrication system. That being the case the lubricant will flow most to the place of least resistance. If there is insufficient stuff to service all points those with highest resistance (or blockage) may "miss out".

    As there may be no "tell-tale" you might never know.

    These systems are inclined to rely on "blind luck".

    If a pressure oiler/greaser were on each "leg" - and had a "tell-tale" - and were charged from a common manifold I might go along with it.

    I'd much rather stop and oil/lube every point until I saw it exude as required. I lube my machies at least twice a day when they are in use all day - once at the strt of the day abd the other later in the day.

    Its a matter of whether you prefer the big or small PITA.

    That's why I like the expending reservoirs/"boots" on car front - end assemblies.

    Some times these "solutions" wind up be the problem and in the "it seemed like a good idea at the time" category.


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      The bijur type flow metering units have spring check valves built in to keep the lines from draining down. You may have a plugged metering unit. It does happen. I have to replace two of them in my surface grinder. Dont bother trying to clean them, first they are pretty cheap, second they usually stop working shortly after you clean them out.


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        Thanks for the reply's, I hand pumped her till she gushed everywhere (5 pumps) Iv seen other units with adjusters on their junction fittings and often wondered about mine, now I know, with some tubes much higher and up to 3 times as long the tiny ID along with vactra #2 is like trying to drink cold cough syrup through a coffee stirrer straw, It could easily be 10 times the resistance then a shorter run, For now I will make sure she gets hers everywhere but I might just build me a metering junction so I can get her dialed, Even though I dont go through allot of lube I dont like a "one pump" that actually takes 4 or 5 while some area's are fine with the first pump...

        The Hoe would be more than happy building herself a better lubrication system.


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          Lotsa lube issues today, eh?

          I like the idea of individual adjustable needle valves on the circuits. Unless you have a well engineered factory system, you just don't know where that lube is going.

          With needle valves you can tune it up or even force it all to one circuit if you need to flush the ways one circuit at a time for some reason (cast iron dust).

          If you can get some flow control valves cheap on eBay or somewhere, they have a built in check valve so the lines won't drain. That's also helpful and without check valves you waste some pump stroke just refilling the line.

          Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free: