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how to get rid of iodine deposit on copper?

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  • how to get rid of iodine deposit on copper?

    I bought a block from a member on a computer forum that had full of black deposit in the D-TEK v1 (this is the block's name), i managed to dissolve a bit of it with vinegar and salt, but this is quite slow as it only works when the salt is in direct contact with the metal, but not yet dissolved in the vinegar. The precipitate was purple. Because of this I assume the water addititve he used was purple stuff, iodine based. How can I get rid of this black residue on the block? I have my friend obtaining me some powerful HCl but that will take a while before he can get it to me. Are there any household chemistry brews that would do?

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    I dont thinkl it will be Copper Iodide as that is white or brownish most probably copper oxide in some form although not sure on that.
    I think you could try some sulphuric acid from a battery quite dilute and warm it a little.
    Although it could be an epoxy finish if it manufactured with a black finish.

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      copper oxide is green - looks like mold. - The black stuff is NOT from manufacturing!!


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        Nitrogen triiodide is purple. It is made by putting iodine in an ammonia solution. It is stable when wet, but when dry it will explode when jarred or shocked. Your purple stuff is not NI3, unless ammonia was involved. If so, be careful.


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          Originally posted by Elninio
          copper oxide is green - looks like mold. - The black stuff is NOT from manufacturing!!
          There is more than one oxide Copper(2) oxide (Cupric) is black

          Copper (1) oxide is red

          You might be thinking of the copper hydroxide/copper carbonate mixture that forms on weathering of copper sometimes called Verdigris


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            Thanks everyone, I just brute-forced it off with some toothpaste and a toothbrush, didn't get all the black stuff off, but the copper surfaces are rawer than my other block!


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              Try Bon Ami powder cleaner. As back in the old days it was a very fine paste cleaner when mixed with water and used to seat control line planes engines. Besides it is easier to clean up that toothpaste. or just plain old arm and hammer into a paste.
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