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Any Canadians own or know about IH 12Z mill?

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  • Any Canadians own or know about IH 12Z mill?

    Hey fellas...... I'm a newbie here and have been reading alot on this BBS. I have decided to go wtih two different machines from the start. Im wondering what the word is out there about Industrial Hobbies and have any of you Canadians out there purchased the new IH 12Z manual mill? I'm on vancouver island BC........ any ideas what the import duties etc that you would incur? Any suggestions from you guys about other good quality machines here that are easy to get here in Canada in the 2K to 3 K price range ( both mills and lathes )?

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    try busy bee tools , my lathe and mill where bought there amoge other goddies and im happy with the stuff i got and awesome company to deal with they also carry much larger scale stuff then what i bought ..


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      There are RF45's and I.H. clone's in Ontario...


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        I bought mine in Detroit and the customs guy let me through without paying any taxes or duties ($1400.00) but I wouldn't count on that.

        Search the web, IE. Grizzly, you might be able the find something that is cheaper from the US even with Tax, they don't usually charge duty anymore, maybe.

        Duty is about 6% if they get you for that.
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