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OT: Electrolysis "fix" needed for U-joint

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  • OT: Electrolysis "fix" needed for U-joint

    Can Anyone help me here? Typical GM driveshaft dilema. I cant get the steel U-joint cups to release from the aluminum bores on the driveshaft. I realize the have a poured plastic retaining device of some sort. I thought I could just press them out with a vise but they seem seized in place ??????
    Bricolage anyone? of lifes fun games.

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    Well, if you realize the plastic retainer is there, did you remove it? You will never get them apart if you don't. A heat gun or propane torch will do it. Heat the yoke, the injected plastic will boil/ooze back out of the holes it was injected into, then you can pop them apart with a vise and hammer. Best way I have found without a press, it to open the vise jaws wide enough to support one yoke horizontally just resting on top. Strike the other yoke with a BFH at the base of the ear, and it will drive the cap out upward. It is very fast, and will pop nearly any automotive u-joint.