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Mounting a tail stock dial indicator

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  • Mounting a tail stock dial indicator

    I need to mount a dial indicator on my tail stock, but am in the dark on the best way to do it. I don't need one all the time but have a project that requires me to drill some stock to a set depth.
    Any ideas would be apprecated, pictures would be wonderful.

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    You could use a Mighty Mag and then just use some flat stock that sticks up far enough that the indicator bears against it, bore it out to fit the quill, and slit it so it will squeeze together with the aid of a socket head cap screw. This might not work on tailstocks with a rounded body. You could also modify some digital calipers to do the job. Lots of people have done that.
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      Do you have a QC tool post? if so, mount the chuck in a tool holder, center the chuck with the headstock and use the compound set parallel to the axis of the work and drill away.
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        Indicator mount for drilling to depth

        Here's how I jury rigged a way to drill to depth. Band clamped a bent piece of metal to the chuck body. That didn't stick out enough for the indicator to bear on so I clamped another piece to the first. Set zero and drilled away. Kind of messy but I only had to do one piece.



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          Digital Caliper on Tailstock!

          Does this help? Really simple.




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            Originally posted by wschoenbeck
            Here's how I jury rigged a way to drill to depth....
            Looks like it should work just fine....... I might make sure that the chuck is seated in the tail stock real good just in case the drill hangs up in there, and maybe stand to the side a bit, ya' know, just in case..........
            I do this kind of "This'll-work" stuff ALL of the time, I love it.
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              The tailstock flag is a scrap of 1/2" plexiglas. The indicator is held to the tailstock with a magnet and purpose made bracket.

              Alternatively, if you have an indicator to measure carriage position then you can: touch the drill to the work, move the carriage until the toolpost touches the tailstock flag, then use the carriage indicator to move the carriage left to the desired depth and lock it. Advance the drill until the flag touches the toolpost and you're at the desired depth.

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                  Thanks for the replies got a better idea of what I want now


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                    Here's mine:


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                      So- y'all don't have degree graduations for the tailstock leadscrew?

                      Mine is marked for 50 thou extension per turn of the handwheel- and there's also marks directly on the quill in sixteenths and thirty-seconds of inch.
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