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  • Dead Asong

    I posted this on the dovetail column & got no response, hope I do better here.
    I have a Zay sq. column mill ( Iactually have 2 of the same, long story). Both have Asong drives onthe X axis. I have 3 Asongs 2 have been repaired and work now thethird is dead. My electronic guru friend has ordered some parts and
    thinks he can make it work, if I can get it back together.
    In looking at the cnc conversions I am thinking of building a new
    drive system for the X axis but not with the aim of going cnc. My
    question is how much power in inch/pounds will I need to move the
    table. I think the Asongs are 135 in-lb.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Put a torque wrench on the handwheel nuts. That will give you what you need to move the table. Then go more to figure cut pressure.

    Dont bother with a cnc conversion. Find an old cnc mill with a dead control. 75% of the work is done for you.