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    Originally posted by pcarpenter
    Davidh-- the 6" vises are about the cheapest due to their popularity, but you don't say what size mill you have???

    I have a Kurt and an old Bridgeport vise. The Kurt and other angle-lock style clones are an improvement in that they help keep the work and the movable jaw from popping up. I am told that the Phase II copy is one that is better made than some and our own Kap Pullen sells these at (shameless plug for a Village Press advertiser).

    Do *not* put end mills in a Jacobs chuck....*especially* a keyless chuck. They are not designed for milling and the associated side loads and may let go of the cutter. Drill chucks are for drilling. Collets and end mill holders are for holding cutters.

    my mill is a 9 by 42 table. i looked and tried to get infor on a 6"vice on but it seems to not want to offer a place to actually buy his products on line. 6" vice from the east coast @ 110 lbs., might actually be a bunch. . . . . but i will check in the am.

    good advice on the milling with a jacobs. i have, not often but i have. i do have a good deal of r-8 collets and a handful of 3/4" ones that seem to be the norm. for mills that are of any size.

    i think the kirt of the same size is about 600 bucks. i don't do this for a living only a hobby so half price for a suitable vice is pretty decent.

    thanks for the comeback.


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      Originally posted by David E Cofer
      trying to hold it in your hand as you drill holes.. quick trip to emergency room..

      Former co-worker of mine tried that, drilling through some sheet metal. Needed to use 3months of sick leave.

      Mind you another friend ended up with almost 6 months off work, extensive rehab work and a lot of pain. He was trying to pry apart some frozen hambururger patties with a butter knife. It sllpped, went into his wrist and away to the emergency room he went..

      Cant be too careful anywhere, anytime doing anything.. Have a left index finger 1/4in shorter than the other because although I was using a push stick on the table saw, I was holding it down to the table behind the blade with my left hand. The piece kicked back and I was in pain. I still get cold shivers running down my spine when I think how easily I could have lost a lot more.


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        Are I now an MIT certified machine-ist ???

        Gee ! I watched all of them thar vid-e-os.
        I guess that makes me a certified MIT graduate, huh?
        Anybody want to hire me?
        Of course with these credentials I couldn't work
        for anything less than $80/hr though.

        Seriously, being a novice novice I never
        realized a vertical mill could do so many different
        things. I figured a lathe was the end-all but now
        I'm really thinking a mill would be way cool.

        Thanks MIT.